‘Hysterical Reaction’


Chief Executive Officer of Tusla Fred McBride

You may recall how a false allegation of child abuse against Sgt Maurice McCabe was circulated by Tusla.

Further to this…

[Chief Executive Officer of Tusla] Mr [Fred] McBride later issued a personal apology to Sergeant [Maurice] McCabe over the mistake, but now says he has never experienced such “unprecedented” levels of scrutiny in over three decades in social work and that it is difficult for Tusla employees not to perceive this as “hostility”.

Adding that he has “no problem” with scrutiny, Mr McBride said so much scrutiny at the same time is acting as a distraction and that there had been some hysterical reaction to Tusla’s involvement in the controversy.

He was speaking at the launch of Tusla’s Child Protection and Welfare Strategy 2017-2022 which provides a roadmap to streamlining services offered by the agency and ensuring consistency of service provision throughout the country.

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Tusla inquiries are a ‘distraction’ says chief executive (Ciaran D’Arcy, The Irish Times)

11 thoughts on “‘Hysterical Reaction’

  1. PR Feen

    A bit more scrutiny over the past three decades might have prevented the Grace scandal being allowed to continue.

    Hysterical, the explanation of the elite when they can’t understand why the proles are upset.

    1. Sam

      Given the allergy of many organisations to accountability, getting a dose of it sometimes causes inflammation and irritation. Like a small child getting a vaccine, one shouldn’t pay too much heed to the complaining, and remind them that it is for their good and the good of others.

  2. Frilly Keane

    “Streamlining” is the new cutting services
    just like “Commission” is the new Committay

  3. petey

    whenever i see “Tusla” i read “Tulsa”, and wonder what oklahoma has to do with ireland. it’s confusing. ye should pick a distinct name, such as “LOUYGFEWNIP”.
    whom do I complain to please.

    1. Zena

      @ Petey, It’s Gaelic, means ‘new start’ or something similar. Their moniker is the least of their problems ;-)

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    Mmmm. “scrutiny” of an important State Agency viewed by its denizens as ‘hostile’ and even ‘hysterical’? Does this not encapsulate everything that is wrong with our current system? The cheek of us peasants to call for ‘scrutiny’.

    1. realPolithicks

      ^This. How very dare the “little people” expect accountability from government groups.

  5. gringo

    An evil organisation.One can only imagine the treatment a whistleblower would get from that clown.Lock him up,I say.

  6. bisted

    …agencies of this state conspired to trump up a vile rumour of sex abuse designed to malign the reputation of a whistleblower who dared to expose that penalty points could be wiped if you knew the right people…but Julian Assange used Wikileaks to expose the wrongdoing on a world scale by government agencies but charges against couldn’t possibly be trumped up…

  7. Conaldo

    Forgive my memory but did they not royally effup?!?! I little bit more contrition might get them out of some serious potential legal repercussions. They could be taken to the cleaners on that

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