Helping The Yazidi Survivors


Calvin James, of Dublin, left, with a young boy, at Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan

Irish charity Syrias Vibes is fundraising so it can support a psychologist working with Yazidi women and children in northern Iraq.

It follows the psychologist’s contract with an Italian NGO finishing a number of weeks ago.

Dublin DJ and special needs assistant Calvin James, of Syrias Vibes, writes:

We want to support an incredible psychologist working with Yazidi children affected by the war or who have been returned from captivity in dire need of psychological attention and care.

In short 5,000 men and young boys were systematically murdered in IS’ ‘Convert or Die’ campaign and a further 7,000 women and children were abducted and sold into captivity.

Many have managed to escape their captors yet up to 3,700 remain in captivity. As coalition forces advance on IS’ capitals in Iraq and Syria, there is a slow stream of survivors escaping or being bought back by their families, usually at extortionate prices.

This service is rarely afforded to them as the NGOs operating in the crisis face funding difficulties so we’ve decided that the best way forward was to hire a psychologist to work directly with Yazidi survivors. Our psychologist will see a caseload of 25 service users a month.

I’ve just spent a month in Bajed Kandala Camp in Northern Iraq. The camp is currently home to 7,000 Yazidi internally displaced people who were forced to flee their home in Sinjar after the genocide by ISIS in 2014.

On returning to their families, there is little support offered by means of counselling or psychiatric support.

Cases are referred to her from the hospitals operating inside the camp and when necessary she will prescribe medications and refer service users to Dohuk Hospital.

At Syrias Vibes, we will dedicate ourselves in running this programme for as long as its needed.

We ask that you please support this campaign anyway you can.

Those who wish to donate can do so here

To support a psychologist to work with women and children in a refugee camp (JustGiving)

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6 thoughts on “Helping The Yazidi Survivors

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Billy, I don’t know the guy and will not dispute your assessment, but “Syrias Vibes”? FFS

  1. f_lawless

    While I commend Calvin for getting involved on a humanitarian level, I’m dismayed at how he seems to have been sucked in by the anti-Assad propaganda seen in so much of corporate Western media – judging by the @syriasvibes twitter feed at least this artlice that was shared in April:
    Quote: “The Assad regime has a seemingly infinite capacity for evil, and an inability to be touched by compassion. At the very best he is dangerously deluded about what is happening, and the atrocities he has ordered. But most likely he is a monster .. believed to be responsible for up to 95% of the (civilian) casualties.”.
    That 95% figure comes from the notorious propagandist ‘Syrian Network of Human Rights’:
    “Like the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, the SNHR is a one man show. One man who lives in the UK, who has no background, and who adamantly and openly hates Assad. Neither of these ‘organizations’ list their funding although it is widely believed to come from the UK’s GCHQ…Like SOHR, Fadel Abdulghani, the Director of Syrian Network of Human Rights, lists absolutely no previous background or history on social media sites. He never existed prior to becoming an expert…and Chairperson of his one man show…”
    I’d recommend the book “The Dirty War on Syria” by professor Tim Anderson for a truer perspective on the origins of the war and the unprecedented propaganda campaign being waged against Assad.
    Also I’ve found on the ground independent reporters Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley to be highly credible sources of information regarding whats happening in Syria.

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