Meanwhile, In Limerick


Rachid Redouane

David Hurley, in the Limerick Leader, reports:

A Limerick resident is being questioned by gardai after the discovery of identification documents at his home which were in the name of one of the London terror attackers [Rachid Redouane].

The Limerick Leader has learned the Moroccan national was arrested at a property in the city on Monday night on foot of information received from UK Police.

It is understood the documents were located during searches of the man’s apartment following his arrest.

He is being questioned at a garda station in the city by detectives attached to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) on suspicion of using forged documents.

EXCLUSIVE: Man in custody after ID in name of London attacker seized in Limerick (Limerick Leader)


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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Limerick

  1. Friscondo

    5 kg of TNT, with grenade and detonators found in car in Ballybough, 2 arrested. Hutch/Kinnahan feud goes on unabated, yet there’s hysteria about this guy. There is far more danger much closer to home, and its home grown. A serving Garda is at multiples more risk from dissident republicans than ISIS.

    1. Metropolitan

      @friscondo, that is one the oddest bits of whataboutery I’ve seen in a while.

      1. Friscondo

        It’s not “whataboutery”, it’s putting the horrific attacks in London and Manchester in proportion, with regard to how it affects Irish people and likelihood of terrorist attacks here. We have enough psychopathic criminals of our own. An ISIS attack here is unlikely.

        1. Yep

          It’s unlikely but that doesn’t mean there should be a concerted effort to ensure it doesn’t happen.

          One of the attackers lived here and went on to murder innocents. Regardless of it not being an attack on Ireland we should still be wary of the fact he was living here at all.

          It might not be whataboutery but it’s an illogical assessment of it.

          1. Friscondo

            Dissidents live here. Kinihan/Hutch gangsters live here, and go on living here. My point is, keep this issue in proportion. My or your chances of being killed by ISIS is vanishingly tiny.

          2. Yep

            I guess we are just reading the situation differently. I can’t wrap my head around your point tbh or how you would ever come to your conclusion but no harm sure.

          3. Friscondo

            My point is reality and perception. If you can’t grasp that it’s hardly my fault. 5 Kgs of TNT in Dublin City centre is a minor story. Some murderous thug lived here for a while is headline news.

          4. Yep

            There is domestic news and then there is international news.

            There is the criminal underworld fueled on the drug trade decades old and then there is this new thing of Islamic terrorists fueled on a belief in god.

            I never said it was your fault. I just don’t understand why you are comparing the two.

            If you think the coverage in the wake of the attacks is hysteria stay away from the Sunday World or that other one.

          5. Friscondo

            I’m saying the “Irish Link” is hysteria. The horrific murders in London were a global story. The Irish media hyping up this story, about the guy living here for a short time, while barely noticing 5kg of TNT in Dublin City centre is bizarre.

    2. Scundered

      as much as I hate dissidents surely you realise that their targets are not the general public?

      1. Friscondo

        Yes I do, that’s not my point. ISIS are indiscriminate mass murderers, but pose a proportionately smaller risk in this country for a whole host of reasons. The most compelling being we don’t indulge in adventurism in the Middle East and North Africa.

    3. Andrew

      Yep, Whataboutery.
      Do you think the gardai should just let them get on with it, as long as they don’t get up to anything here?

      1. Papi

        Or, possibly, they use this country as a safe haven/piggy bank/training ground to inflict terror elsewhere? Cos that’s just as bad in my book.

  2. postmanpat

    ISIS associate directly responsible for aiding in a mass murder . Lock him and anyone else involved away for 10 years minimum. The next person will think twice before getting mixed up with forged travel documents. Zero tolerance for these dopes.

  3. Zuppy International

    Tut tut Broadsheet. You neglect to reference a crucial update to the Limerick Leader report:

    “The man was released without charge”

    Are you now part of Leo’s propaganda network for his phony war on phony terrorists?

    1. Friscondo

      A file was sent to DPP. Apparently it’s to do with alleged false documents. They released him so obviously don’t consider him a threat.

  4. Increasing Displacement

    Excuse for hard border?
    Road to excuse to get rid of the financial black hole that is NI?

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