Phil In The Gaps



Spotted at The Angler’s Rest in Castleknock, Dublin 20.

Fine Gael’s new leader and Taoiseach-elect Leo Varadkar walking with EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development and former Fine Gael Environment Minister Phil Hogan.

Good times.

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Thanks Revolution

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21 thoughts on “Phil In The Gaps

  1. Milo

    Well we definitely know its not his dad cos

    “Who is Leo boys and girls? He’s the gay son of an immigrant Múinteoir.
    Very good, and what does his election say? It says we are all pathetic little eejits to fall for that aul trick. An-mhaith a pháistí! Bualadh bos”

  2. Panty Christ

    Someone should check donation sources throughout Leo’s career. Clear case here he was groomed by hogan.

  3. theflorist

    JAYUS is the no end to castleknock it’s now in D20. by the by the anglers is in strawberry beds.

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