For Those About To Vote


They salute him.

Ahead of Thursday’s British general Election…

The latest cover of metal magazine Kerrang! featuring UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (centre) with Architects frontman Sam Carter (right) and Creeper singer Will Gould.

*devil horn sign*


The lines track the weighted average of recent UK national polls.The points represent the vote intention percentages given by each pollster to each political party, representing in this way a variable showing the margin of error.

IBTimes UK has calculated a weighted average from the eight biggest UK pollsters, showing the Conservatives leading by 6 percentage points over Labour.


Ultimate Poll of Polls (IB Times)


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5 thoughts on “For Those About To Vote

  1. Toe Up

    Tomorrow night’s election coverage will be very interesting, hopefully the polls aren’t too off that it ends up being a landslide.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Good ol’ “Daily Heil” – working overtime I see. Fair fecks for their diligence :-(

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