6 thoughts on “A Crisis Foretold

  1. kerryview

    I really think that credits to the original poster of the vid should be shown. It’s only fair, like.

  2. Truth in the News

    It should not go unoticed that the media downplayed Grenfell and over played
    Manchester, if ISIS were responsible there would be endless media coverage, however politicans are reponsible for this, will they be brought to account.

  3. Frilly Keane

    to be fair
    the book was Dobbs

    but the screen play was Andrew Davis
    also I think yere year is wrong – sorry Bodger
    I’m no anorak but HoCs was closer to 1990
    maybe t’was the to Play the King sequel

    for anyone into FU
    the original was remastered / digitised a few years ago
    and is definitely worth every bit of bandwidth to pull it down

    Spaceys FU in the first Series was close
    but nothing bates Francis Urquharts FU

    You might say that but I couldn’t possibly comment

    is one of the greatest lines ever written

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