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Spaghetti Hoop writes:

Grenfell Tower disaster political response parallels in the UK version of House of Cards (written by former Conservative Party chief of staff Michael Dobbs) circa 1993…

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The UK’s Metropolitan Police released the above Images of Grenfell Tower in London, following the fire last week which is now believed to have claimed the lives of 79 people.

Grenfell Tower fire: police raise death toll to 79 (The Guardian)


Mobo-award winning artist and writer Akala spoke to Channel 4 News last night about the Grenfell Tower fire in West London which has claimed 17 lives.

“We are in one of the richest spaces not just London but in the world. Repeated requests were ignored. There is no way that rich people would be living in a building without adequate fire safety.

“Everybody I spoke to couldn’t hear alarms, there was no sprinkler system…”

Local resident Joe Delaney, who managed to escape the fire and also help some of his neighbours get out of the building with their children, backed up Akala’s claim that there were “no alarms”.

Responding to presenter Jon Snow’s comment about spending on refurbishments for the building last year, Akala said: “It was an eyesore for the rich people who lived opposite.

“So they put panels, pretty panels on the outside, so the rich people who lived opposite wouldn’t have to look at a horrendous block.”

Akala on the Grenfell Tower fire: ‘These people died because they were poor (Independent.co.uk)

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