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New Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy with Focus Ireland founder Sister Stanislaus and CEO Ashley Balbirnie at Harold’s Cross this morning

Remember former Minister for Housing Simon Coveney’s claim that he would ensure  all homeless families would be out of hotel accommodation by July 1?

RTE reports:

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has said the Government is going to miss its deadline of 1 July for moving homeless families from temporary hotel accommodation.

He said the 650 families involved will be moved straight into family hubs or other accommodation or they will be notified in writing of where they are going in the coming weeks.

Mr Murphy was speaking at the opening of 28 housing units in the grounds of Harold’s Cross Hospice in Dublin. The units are owned and operated by Focus Ireland and built on a site donated by the Sisters of Charity.

Mr Murphy said that the review of Rebuilding Ireland is continuing and it is a good time to look at what new measures or powers might be needed. He said the Taoiseach has told him to think big and no idea is too radical.

Murphy says Govt will miss homeless deadline (RTE)

Pic: Rebuilding Ireland



In the Dáil…

Irish Independents 4 Change Tommy Broughan said:

“The issue of Lynam’s Hotel on O’Connell Street which is currently being modified to become a family hub to house homeless families. A constituent contacted my office yesterday, very distressed, that she, along with her two young boys, were placed in Lynam’s Hotel late on Monday night. They arrived to find the place without running water or electricity in the room and she felt very unsafe.”

“I understand that Lynam’s is being offered as a late-night solution when no other family accommodation can be found, instead of sending families to Garda stations as has happened recently. Yet, Lynam’s is still a building site.

“Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homelessness charity, went to the property yesterday with Dublin Fire Brigade and I understand that a full inspection is being carried out today. And there’s a photo on social media of a fire escape chained shut and I understand members of the fire brigade did declare the building a fire hazard last night.

“But, in the light of this, and I also understand young students and family, including four children, minister, were today evacuated from 24, Mountjoy Square over safety issues and that a fire safety notice was issued for this property in August 2016, so minister can you now outline what other occupied properties around Dublin have fire safety notices indicating the address and date of issue for the fire safety for each property. How can tenants be left in a property which has had a fire safety notice for almost a year? I’ve asked your senior minister, Deputy Murphy, to act urgently on this.”

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25 thoughts on “‘Think Big’

  1. Listrade

    The Taoiseach confirmed that the new housing policy is based on Blue Sky thinking that will collaboratively innovate resource-maximizing potentialities which assertively redefine cross-media value efficiently that fabricate enterprise-wide outsourcing and proactively expedite extensive synergy.

    1. ahjayzis

      Look, as long as we can touch base in the AM to crunch the numbers and scope out the actionables, I’m on board.

    1. Junkface

      Congratulations! The nuns did something nice. Thats what Christians were supposed to do all along.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Those new houses in HX are lovely. Across the road from a primary school too.

    1. Anomanomanom

      I know your joking but its just to allow the door to open inwards to circulate air as there is probably no front Windows. Railing obviously to stop kids and stupid adults walking straight out.

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      They’re to stop people from defenestrating themselves, I’m guessing.

    3. Frilly Keane

      the balconies on the new ones (almost done) in Ballyfermot are a grand size
      faced off in Hill 16 blue n’all

    4. ahjayzis

      They’re called Juliet Balconies. You’ll find them on super high-end residential developments in every major city.

  2. John

    In that photo the minister looks like an estate agent selling the apartments to a pair of cash rich investors!

  3. Steve

    I know who could sort this out.

    A mix of shinners soccies and the hard left.


    …It’s a pity that BS doesn’t let ye do smiley crying emojis

    1. ahjayzis

      You’re supporting the people who’ve overseen the crisis for seven years, babes. While flogging off assets and banks on the cheap to any foreign vulture who’ll let Noonan kiss their ring.

      Casting stones at basically anyone else makes you look ridiculous ;o)

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      Right, because right wingers and profit driven speculators who’ve created this disgraceful mess are definitely the only people we can trust to get us out of it. Another turkey who votes for Christmas. Well done.

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