Sentencing Humphries


Former Irish Times sports journalist Tom Humphries

Conor Gallagher, in The Irish Times, reports:

Former Irish Times sports journalist Tom Humphries will be sentenced next month for the sexual exploitation and defilement of a child.

The 54-year-old pleaded guilty to the offences last March but could not be publicly named on that date because he was facing trial for further sexual offences.

This morning those charges were dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Humphries was present in court for the short hearing.

Tom Humphries to be sentenced for sexual exploitation, defilement of child (The Irish Times)

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105 thoughts on “Sentencing Humphries

  1. Frilly Keane

    So any day now I can stop having ta’ say
    He who cannot be named for legal reasons

    Only wha’
    10 years later

    1. rotide

      You can officially stop today.

      Althought everyone unofficially stopped about 6 years ago when it was first investigated and it became the worst kept secret 10 seconds later.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Having been the one in receipt of three legal threats
        I wasn’t taking any chances

        He even had Wiki covering his hairy arse

          1. Frilly Keane

            even his “spotty imposters” when referring to the 15 minors that togged out over the Strike for the League opener in Thurles on Valentines Night

  2. rotide

    This might be an awful thing to say, but I still really miss his writing. Used to love his weekly column and his tv view (Although Mary Hannigan is just as good. at that).

    1. Topsy

      6 years later – and you still miss his writing. Are you having a laugh.
      He gleefully wrecked any possibility is a reconciliation in Saipan. I dispised him that.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      Mary Hannigan is twice as good and, as far as I’m aware, can actually comment on sports which are not GAAAAH, and isn’t a kiddie fiddler, rotide.

      1. rotide

        Hannigan is better at some stuff, not as good as others.

        The fact he’s a kiddy fiddler doesn’t change the fact he’s a very good writer.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Some might say that’s precisely what made him a good writer.

          I wouldn’t, but some might.

          1. rotide

            And you sound a lot like donald trump. From the deliberate misreading of comments right down to the single word insults.

            I enjoyed his writing. The same way I still enjoy John Lennon’s music and would probably have enjoyed Mike Tyson’s boxing had Cus D’amato not passed away.

      1. rotide

        Inferring sympathy from that comment explains why your posts read the way they do i guess.

        1. Tony Groves

          Mocking the late Peter Norman a few weeks ago, supporting a sexual predator today, it’s no wonder you’re afraid to reveal your own identity.

          1. rotide

            “mocking Peter Norman”, “supporting a sexual predator”

            You’re as morally bankrupt as the people you claim to oppose.

          2. classter

            Tony, that’s a very odd response to what rotide said.

            Clearly, his behaviour was digusting, he deserves to be punished & nobody here wants to see him reemployed by the IT. His old pieces about his local club, community and underage camogie have a sinister air now that we know what we know.

            Humphries was a good sports writer and the fact that he preyed on his daughter’s friend does not change this. Calling this sympathy for paedophilia is to protest rather a lot.

          3. Tony Groves

            It’s strange and disgusting that someone’s initial thought is with the perpetrator of sexual assault and NOT with the victims.

          4. Frilly Keane

            Here Rottie
            Wha’ did you say Grovel for him to go off like a water protestor on ya?

            BTW Grovel
            Good writers / Journos can also be Peadophiles
            At the same time

            A bit like yourself, a writer can also be a full- time ……

          5. Tony Groves

            No Frilly Knickers,
            Only a sad mind comments in support of a sexual predator. The victims deserve support, the perpetrator only contempt.
            There’s no need for balance in this, to do so is an attack on those already wronged.

          6. Frilly Keane

            here who da’f
            do you think you are
            lecturing me like this
            and on a Tom Humphries thread!

            I feature across a large number of forums
            and have done for years
            Tom Humphries was a good sports writer
            (see his Michelle Smith stuff)
            all pre 2000 admittedly
            but that he was once actually a handy sports writer is generally accepted within all the forums

            but I’m not arsed talking about him anymore
            I’ve done my bit trying to expose his creepy fascination with u-14 camogie
            his cogging of other writers/ bloggards
            the Irish Times facilitating his demands to get the like of me to layve him alone
            etc etc
            and so have my fellow GAH heads

          7. Nigel

            ‘It’s strange and disgusting that someone’s initial thought is’

            That was an initial comment. You don’t know what his initial thought was. Since rotide has been aware of this for years, his initial thought probably occurred some time ago. I wouldn’t have said it myself, even if I did like the writing, but it doesn’t seem too controversial as phrased (the morality of liking work produced by people who turn out to be monsters is perennial food for thought) unless you’re looking for a cheap gotcha against a comment-section nemesis.

          8. Frilly Keane

            I’ve noticed that about you Grovel
            you use and quote other people a lot
            more than any one else on the wall of contributors (I’d say – like I’m only taking a guess)

            and you’re not the first, or the only and unlikely to be the last to say my contributions here are turds

            and look, you’ve even saved Bodger the poo poo edit
            Good Bhoy Grover

          9. rotide

            Nigel is spot on about that ‘initial thought’ nonsense.

            It’s weird when broadsheet contributors start obviously trolling articles.

          10. rotide

            Frilly, I voiced the opinion that one or two of his blogs can be rambling and incoherant and could do with editing.

            Tony doesn’t take criticism well.

          11. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Frilly, I voiced the opinion that one or two of his blogs can be rambling and incoherant and could do with editing.”

            So you’re a rude troll. The first step is admitting it.

          12. Frilly Keane

            Does he not?

            I’ve never really noticed tbh
            I rarely read or contribute on those Grovel-Pits
            Did t’day tho
            Since I’m on’ve the elephants
            I think, I’m not sure, I’m confused

            But he’s deffo trolling here on this thread tho

          13. Frilly Keane

            Oh yeah
            In the interest of full disclosures
            n’stuff like

            I think you’d have said all that about my Frill-Bits herself Rottie

          14. Frilly Keane

            well Grovel
            I’m sure you’ll dig out another saying from your Norse, Greek what ever else you extract content from library to respond with more than just “giggle”

          15. classter

            Well put, Nigel.

            That’s almost exactly what I would have said, were I sufficiently articulate

        2. bored@memes

          @ rottenside.

          I have a cape too.
          I’m going to save the World too, but not like you…

          I have two capes, actually and several flying monkeys, That’s not [important.

          Suffice to say that constant shilling will get you a proper pounding…

          Have you got any sisters?

  3. phil

    Its almost like someone didn’t want him to be prosecuted … Has he recovered from his timely illness ?

  4. martco

    sorry not getting this obscure language

    what does “defilement of a child” mean exactly? It’s some sort of polite boo-boospeak for child rape /paedophilia I assume?

    1. Topsy

      marto: as they say – watch this space. He’ll get a slap on the wrist & that’s about it. Loads of character refs etc submitted to court. A tower of the community etc.

  5. Smith

    When initially charged, he checked himself into a prominent psychiatric hospital and bought himself a lot of time.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Yup, unfortunately even under the best Health Insurance you can only play that game for a year – then you’re out on your botty – “cured” or not!!

  6. Zoella

    I’m not sure what ‘defilement’ means in this case, sending dick pics or something?

    1. Happy Molloy

      Receiving pictures from a 15 year old girl he was coaching and an alleged relationship.

      I believe it was his daughter who found the pics, poor girl.


  7. Christopher

    Can someone please post a timeline on all this? I honestly didn’t know anything about this (I believe there was a sunday world story?) and wondered how it was such an open secret and he managed to evade justice for so long.

    1. rotide

      I wondered how he managed to evade justice for so long.
      He didn’t evade justice. He wasn’t on the run or being protected by powerful friends or anything.

      The information is out there and readily availble from the MSM. Not everything is a conspiracy or requires a timeline.

    1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

      Gary Sliotar they called him.*

      * not my work sadly

    2. Lilly

      @bertie LOL! I know I shouldn’t but that’s funny:)

      I’d hate to be the sentencing judge. No charge of statutory rape but insidious nonetheless.

    1. classter

      I’m surprised they still have that up – and with no explanatory note.

      That’s why it was so shocking. He seemed so plugged into his local community, such a strong advocate for young camogie players.

  8. bored@memes

    If anybody ever asks me what is wrong with, THIS is the post I’ll refer them to.

    It’s way too easy.
    Nelson said it best… STOP hitting yourself.

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    It took SIX years for this case to get to court? An accused sexual predator would have been considered a danger, no?

    1. Frilly Keane

      sur the IT themselves were covering up for him

      he could do what liked there
      and he could print what he liked there
      and he could even get them not to print stuff

      there was over 10,000 texts from his phone to this girl’s phone

      so now
      which one of ye has the balls to go and find out if the IT provided that phone to Tom Convicted Sexual Predator Humphries
      or maybe it was his publisher
      or maybe it was one of his biography subjects

      I’ve done my bit

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yes, pretty clear there was a cover-up.
        Why is this STILL tolerated though?
        It’s as if the safety of kids is not important as people’s careers and reputation. Look at the Ballymaloe scandal – same under-the-carpet practice that Irish justice is notorious for.

        1. Aine

          Its all got to do with class and friends in high places. I bet if Tom was priest or somebody from a poor area – his name would have been published a long time ago. I’ve already seen thread on two other sites with some posters victim playing and sure poor Tom was was led astray by the girl !!

          1. Zoella

            A priest? Don’t make me laugh. Poor priests… no one to cover up their derring-dos. And what’s the site where posters are blaming the victim? Baloney.

        2. classter

          Was there a cover-up?

          I remember hearing about it when it happened. I think (correct me if not) the papers reported it.

          Unless you mean the delay between offence and court case. There may well be legitimate questions about that (‘pyschiatric’ care etc.) but it is hardly a cover-up if he is being charged!

      2. Zoella

        Why don’t you write about it here. Now that could be worth reading. Were they really protecting him or just affording him the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?

        1. Frilly Keane

          They were pretending there was nothing to his fascination with underage camogie
          Amongst other things
          And tbf
          So were all his fellow journos

          And no- one objected to his using his Job at the Irish Times to shout out for Strike Leader Donal Og Cusack and bully the non-striking Cork hurlers and footballers – and no-one dared mention that all the while Tom Humphries was using his Irish Times job to act as Press Agent for Donal Og Cusack and his Striking team mates, he was also doing a nixer, that probably got him a CASH advance – Donal Og’s Bio

          Like thats a conflict of interest right there
          I didn’t see anyone in the fourth estate dare criticism him for that – not even his own employer
          Or for him getting Wikipedia to remove any update that did
          Even his own quote “spotty imposters”
          And he got Frilly Keane barred from Wikipedia

          He gave Galvin a literary blow job with a huge feature spread “more sinned against than sinning” (/b> – the day before the animal (thats what Kerry people call themselves btw) smacked the note book out of a refs hand, and then went on to clatter one of his own fellow animals; and they were only playing against CLARE – in the football
          And what happened next is that all those Journos with their All -Star votes went and pretended the incident didn’t happen at all when they voted Galvin player of the year the first chance they got

          I didn’t see or hear much commentary about his lollipop sucking Facebook profile; like he thought he was a tweenager himself

          So let the so called professional Journos and his colleagues in the NUJ do the effin story
          I’m done
          Besides you don’t want me to do it
          Its too important for whinging about my spelling n’stuff

          oh yeah keep yere eyes open for a blogger called Gary Sliotar
          (do I have that right Lord?)

          1. classter

            Not sure if you mean that as satire or not, Frilly.

            A sports journalist ghosting an autobiography, an allegedly softball interview with an excellent footballer or a weird facebook profile picture hardly rank that close to grooming & defiling a minor!

  10. Peter Dempsey

    Tony Groves expresses surprise about people whose initial thoughts are not with the victim.

    It’s not unusual Tony. Following the recent IS attacks in Manchester and London, I saw quite a few people on Facebook and Twitter getting worried about the prospect of nasty right wing people calling Muslims names. They didn’t mention the victims or even say how terrible it was.

    1. jungleman

      My posts get deleted for mocking rubbish photography but this incitement to hatred gets left up?

      Well done Broadsheet.

    2. Gay Tea Shop

      I didn’t see any such posts. Post a few kinks to them for us will ya? All expressed sympathy with victims and an end to hate. Picking on muslims does the opposite.

    3. Nigel

      In the wake of the IS attacks in Manchester and London your over-riding thought is to complain about people who might express concern for Muslim people who would face a backlash because of the actions of radical fundamentalists.

  11. Gay Tea Shop

    The Irish Times soccer correspondent Emmett Malone must be in a difficult position in work. I have no doubt he has acted professionally throughout. Being married to a judge Grainne Malone means decorum and transparency would be important.

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