26 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Evening Standard?

  1. scottser

    if the dup have any sense they’ll get that money up front, cos it looks like may will be gone by this time next year.

    1. martco

      I reckon it won’t last till xmas although May would sell her knickers at this point to stay on as it’s clear that Labour bar catastrophe will sweep in if another GE gets triggered

      desperation indeed

      Paddy Power have this ridiculous coalition @3/1 to fail inside 2017

      I’ve a tenner on

        1. martco

          what like making loadsamoney selling them outa those strange vending machines in Tokyo?

          1. Brother Barnabas

            actually, I started with the thought, ‘who would want May’s knickers?’ then I wondered what sort of knickers she wears. then I wondered how much they’d likely cost.

          2. martco

            well that kind of thing does really exist in Japan so that’s the market question answered…as for the other ones I have no idea and don’t want to know….I was thinking do it as dropship job..let someone else sort out the dirtier details so to speak


  2. :-Joe

    Looks like the so-called “womens movement”, meaning the progression to equality et al.,.. has been set back another twenty years in the western world or around the english speaking pond at least.

    All thanks to hillary-bot and now teresa-bot with these nutty clowns from the independant peoples republic of religulous bigotry and incestual madness.

    Five steps forward and then four steps back…


        1. Tony

          Is it a cheeky cheekful of mickey? Fair enough on the ‘so called women’s movement’ lady hatin if u say so tho

          1. :-Joe

            You been day drinking or something similar…

            It’s not lady hating…. I even explained what I meant by the term.. so as not to sound like a goof who thinks he can call himself a feminist etc. while pontificating on behalf of women…

            Eh.. hang on…

            It’s not a mickey but you’re obsessive fetish is close enough.


    1. bored@memes

      I agree with Mrs. Mulberry, or whatever he calls himself.
      … :-Joe, slow down, please. Forgive me for repeating your own words.

      At the beginning you were doing great…
      – I thought we were on the same page.
      You said something about a pond. I expected the analogy to end with the words ‘running river’.

      You let me down.

      Mildred… You can do better than Bertie, and so can I.

      Take That, or accept this.
      (I shouldn’t have said that, should I?)

      1. :-Joe

        I think you followed Tony’s truck down the wrong path…

        Nothing against women in my post… just bad politicians who happen to be women and will set back people’s view of women in politics and leadership by about 20 years.. IMO..


        1. :-Joe

          I’m talkin about the effect it will have on the 60%-ish drones who keep voting like it’s an episode of x factor-y…

          i.e.. More women in politics is something we need and can all benefit from…


          1. bored@memes

            – We ARE on the same page. All of us…..Who would’ve thought?

            I caren’t emn…

        1. brother@memes

          (He’s referring to you being very easy to upset. Don’t tell him I told you.Don’t let him upset you.

          Stop opening your mouth like that.

    2. Nigel

      That’s okay. Trump, Cameron, Johnson and Farage have set men back a few centuries at least, so women still come out ahead.

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