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Eamon Dunphy

“Tom Humphries life is effectively over and has been for many years. He has to live with the shame. His own family, he has hurt. He has hurt this girl.

I feel dreadfully sorry for the victim. This is a tragedy for two families.

In these tragic circumstances, I think judge Karen O’Connor gave just about the right sentences. It’s not for me to judge but I don’t believe in trial by media.”

Eamon Dunphy on TV3’s Tonight Show last night aboiuyt the sentencing of journalist Tom Humphries.

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Former Irish Times sports journalist Tom Humphries

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George Gibney

“I think the sentence is too low for what has happened and I’d like to congratulate that girl who came out and exposed him…

In a sense I feel sorry for the likes of David Walsh and Donal Og Cusack because these people have a habit of surrounding themselves with powerful people and wangling themselves into poweful positions where people surrounding them believe in nearly anything you say.

Because I saw this happening in swimming and how [George] Gibney got away and evaded justice.

He not only had powerful connections in swimming. He had it coming from Government down.

And he evaded justice in the end by manipulating the whole way of getting off on these things.”

Former swimmer Gary O’Toole’ s father Aidan on Liveline this afternoon.

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Former Irish Times sports journalist Tom Humphries outside the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court this morning

RTE reports:

A teenage girl who was sexually exploited and abused by former sports journalist Tom Humphries has said she was left depressed and suicidal by the ordeal.

The Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard the former Irish Times journalist began texting the girl when she was 14 and eventually engaged in sexual acts with her when she was 16.

He had made contact with her through his work with camogie teams.

The text messages continued for more than two years.

At one point, 16,000 text messages were exchanged during a three-month period.

Humphries and victim exchanged 16,000 text messages, court hears (RTE)

Tom Humphries exchanged more than 16,000 texts with young girl, court told (Irish Times)


Former Irish Times sports journalist Tom Humphries

Conor Gallagher, in The Irish Times, reports:

Former Irish Times sports journalist Tom Humphries will be sentenced next month for the sexual exploitation and defilement of a child.

The 54-year-old pleaded guilty to the offences last March but could not be publicly named on that date because he was facing trial for further sexual offences.

This morning those charges were dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Humphries was present in court for the short hearing.

Tom Humphries to be sentenced for sexual exploitation, defilement of child (The Irish Times)