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  1. Shayna

    Jim McGuinness is getting about a bit, Letterkenny, Glasgow and now Beijing. Good luck to him.

  2. Shayna

    I had a bit of a cry to myself when I watched the BBCNI report on the couple from Newry, Eithne and Colin Bell who won a million quid on the lottery. They run a charity to aid repatriation of deceased who have died abroad, following their experiences of their son, Kevin dying in the U.S.
    When asked how they were going to spend the money, Eithne said she’d always fancied a conservatory at home, while Colin said that he’d be off to Croke Park on Monday to buy a 10 year Premier Level ticket.

    1. happyweekend@memes

      Shayna, I love you.

      I’d love you a LOT more if you didn’t EVER mention the fecking GAA again….
      – That would be great..
      – Allow me to expand, fnukk, fnukk, fnarr fnarr.

      Stop talking about them, please…
      Treat them like you would the Jehovah’s Witnesses / (Don’t tell Frilly I said this.) / Stop judging players by their arses, or their shirts, and/or how often they bend over facing away from the camera* …and loads of other stuff… Loads… It’s different for boys. No, really.)
      (Don’t make me start again. I forget what I wanted to say.. … Oh yeah…)

      I would like to declare myself as the instigator of a new movement in Ireland called the…wait for it…

      The People Who Look Forward (2A) Party.**

      ** That’s my bit done. Somebody else needs to do the rest of it.

      Thanks Shayna, I love you.. 3>

      PPPS, or whatever number we’re on now…
      @ Shayna:
      I know it’s normally just creepy people who post comments like this, but I’m not creepy at all.
      I just tend to ‘lay myself bare’, if you know what I mean.
      – I’m naked right now…

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I can confirm that badatmemes is presently naked. semi-aroused state only.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Darling, you are the unhinged one.

            Memes is merely a figment of your imagination.

            (Think Tyler Durden, but less Brad Pitt, if that helps)

  3. Steve

    Great article by Pat leahy in the IT today. Sums up why the hard left elitists won’t be getting votes into the double digits

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Excellent piece by Pat Leahy. Sneering, snarling, snivelling, foot-stamping lefties like Moyest and most Rabble posters will hate it.

      1. Topsy

        An objectional smug Thatcherite. One step from fascism. ” No way we won’t pay” Ha, ha, ha.

    2. Kenny U-Vox Plank

      Surely, “Sums up why the Irish Times elitists won’t be getting their readership into the double digits (soon)”.

    3. Happy Molloy

      It’s true though. The various factions couldn’t spend an hour in a room together without falling out over the purity of the respective dogmas

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    I’m glad the Irish Times published the truthful and powerful article by this excellent lady. One can only hope that it will clear up the confusion of the various morons posting here, on the Journal, on many public fora as to “why are they protesting about water charges instead of (LPT, USC, etc.etc.) The answer was clear to anyone with half a brain -because we COULD. The need for IW to be a commercial entity so as to be saleable and” off the balance sheet ” offered the first opportunity for resistance. The other impositions were matters of taxation and couldn’t be challenged. See now?

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