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  1. Shayna

    Pat Spillane claims that he was threatened to be thrown under the bus. Unfortunately, said bus never arrived.
    I was in Caherdaniel in Kerry years ago and happened across a Junior Football match, Pat Spillane was full-forward and his brother, Tom was at mid-field. Pat took 14 yard frees that could have been taken by one of his lessers. I went to Pat Spillane’s Sports Bar on the way to Kenmare, where I was joined by my dad who played for Tyrone in 1957 and conversed with Pat. Following free drinks laid on by Pat, I did think, “What a doo doo!”.

    1. Frilly Keane

      oh Smig loves himself alright
      he was always like that
      even when he was off injured
      he couldn’t stop talking about himself
      and don’t get me started on the effin’ knee a’his
      I’m surprised it didn’t get its own place on the Kerry Panel

      But this latest drama is a load of oul’bollix tbh
      The last lad in Ireland to be cribbing about what’s said about players is Joe effin’ Brolly
      and Jim Gavin’s trantrum is hardly unique
      Davy Fitz does one of these every year
      and his former Bannisteor – anudder RTE hired trap, Ger Loughnane was at it as well
      Brian Cody is no stranger to this shunning and banning the media carry on either

      The main issue here is that the Dublin based hacks now have to get up off their arses and go out and about to the clubs to get their stories and updates; and they can’t go near the Brogans. Which breaks their little hearts.

      I don’t know wtf Dessie Dolan is doing working on the Sunday Game
      he was a better actor/ stunt diver than he ever was a player; ffs that Donal Skehan lad would do just a good a job
      and as for them bringing in Jackie Tyrell – Christ t’night
      Health and Safety helmets should be worn in studio with the likes of him around
      I don’t care how cool his sock-less shoe look is – I wouldn’t get on the same bus as him

      RTE are crapping themselves ’cause they don’t have a glamour team from this years Football Championship to pad out their summer schedules; from the cheap settees to the radio centres’ round tables; from every dangling mic to roving reporter slash staffer they don’t know what to do with out there.

      In one way Smig is right
      they are setting him up
      but he knows how to talk football that makes sense to the casual and neutral viewer

      and unlike Diving Dessie and Rise a Row Brolly;
      he can walk his talk

      and Jim Gavin should just Shut the eff up and stick the dummy back in

      let the football season do the talking

      1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

        Jaysus Frilly do you do enough talking for all of them!
        That said your points are very good!
        I think myself that despite of all the drama etc Spillane along with Mikey Sheehy, O’Rourke and Jack O’Shea is one of the all time greats to be fair ( unlike Brolly or other chancers you refer to) so what he says definitely deserves a listen and I often find him to be quite measured these days in his analysis whereas in the past he was more a dunphy type.

        My own thoughts on the RTÉ panel are that it is a desperate attempt to appeal to younger viewers and make it more relevant. I’d say deep down they know the existing format of the Sunday Game is obsolete, the manufactured controversies about the “big” counties are the most galling, while in the highlights the smaller counties barely ever get a look in. This year for example both Carlow and Longford have had some great moments that deserves more attention and you would think watching the Sunday Game it was ladies football we were watching. You can tell from the panel they haven’t a clue who any of their players are etc it’s embarrassing how clueless they are.

        1. Frilly Keane

          but sur how many mistakes does Ger Canning commit week in week out
          and he’s a staffer

          this bringing in changes to the ‘As Such’ template Lister has had going for years is all about competing with Sky
          not about keeping the Sunday Game the best it could be
          they should have tied up Óisin McConville and Dara O’Cinnéide years ago
          and given Brolly the door – who is only known to its Millennial viewer as a hired big mouth
          if they really want to introduce real football & Hurling from the ground up and especially represent the (and I hate this expression) weaker counties to the National Audience
          here’s a few football names that would make any ones Sunday
          Declan Browne and John Evans
          and there’s always Maurice Fitz, Graham Canty, and Trevor Giles that have enough distance now from their own playing days to be impartial and independent

          Likewise with the Hurling; Tony Browne, Joe Deane, and the Brians

          ara, you shouldn’t have got me started

          deep deep down
          the only thing I would miss about RTEs GAA coverage is the way Brian Carty says
          “Slán Tamall”

          and next Sunday I won’t be paying them a bitta notice
          I’ll have all I need in the New Old Stand


  2. Shayna

    Sorry upside down memes guy, I’ve kinda gone ahead and mentioned the GAA inadvertently. It seems I can’t help myself.

    1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

      Don’t apologise Shayna, I look forward to reading your anecdotes:)

    2. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

      Screw that guy. He’s on about his 90th user name at this stage. They just can’t make him disappear

        1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

          Odd that you would mistake me for a serial misogynist and bully when I only comment here occasionally. The memes character being one of the reasons I don’t care for it much. I see he ran the Kieran NYC lad out of Dodge as well.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Which is a pity, actually. Nice Young Chap was one of the better commenters we had round these parts. Even when I didn’t agree with him, I always thought he could express himself well and made some great opposing points to the more… vocal lads round here.

          2. Happy Molloy

            The poor fella couldn’t make a comment without receiving a personal attack, got sick of it.
            Hopefully he comes back

          3. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

            Agreed, Kieran was sound, hopefully he’s just on holliers or serving a short term prison sentence.

          4. anne

            KFC..sound? I suppose anyone is sound when they’re gone long enough..

            He’s probably busy supporting Trump somewhere..he’ll be back at some stage & I’ll remind you how sound he is :)

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            my original explanation of taking the peepee was moderated/ deleted
            it was a joke ( I was assuming it was obvious it wasn’t you)
            I loose the Internet
            but seriously guys you moderate some tame poopy

          6. mildred st. meadowlark

            How in the name of clampers ma did that comment get modded?

            Ive been known to post racier things on quiet Tuesday morning and I’m let run free and merry.

            Put it down to Bodger’s hangover, Jan, I’d say.

          7. Nigel

            Aw. I liked Kieran too. Is Memes that bad? I don’t actually read any of his comments and skim threads where he’s in the conversation.

          8. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

            Thanks janet

            I’ve no agenda here but enjoy the craic mostly

          9. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

            Memes was serially obnoxious and abusive to Kieran considering he was the only other regular commenter who posted after hours due to his location. The lad mean well with his music posts but has an awful streak of bullying as well.

  3. Topsy

    Spillane was a good player, not s great player & one of the windiest players that ever put on a Kerry jersey.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah now tbf he took his belts
      T’was all his cribbing after the game that got him that reputation
      If we’re going to talk about windy Kerry lads from that era
      Púc me but The Bomber was the worst of the lot

      1. Shayna

        He did put Tyrone to bed in ’86 when he came in the second half with his heavily strapped knee. Kevin McCabe (The Prince of Tyrone) couldn’t keep up with Pat, who pretty much ran riot in Croke Park.

        1. Frilly Keane

          theres that effin knee again
          ‘wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised if it ends up in the GAA Museum

    2. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

      The worst cry ba in GAA had to be Brian Talty back in the day

      1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

        Jaysus that’s going back a bit. Was he the victim of a crime?

  4. Brendan

    Ian McGeechan: I’m still alive and so are the Lions. I can’t wait for Auckland.

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