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The halting site in Carrickmines, south Dublin, where a fire killed 10 members of the same Traveller family, one of whom was pregnant, in 2015

Ten members of the same Traveller family, including a pregnant woman, died in a fire at a halting site in Carrickmines, south Dublin, in October 2015.

Those who died were: Thomas Connors, 28, his wife Sylvia (nee Lynch), 30, their three children, Jim, 5, Christy 3, and six-month-old Mary; Willy Lynch, 25, his pregnant partner Tara Gilbert, 27, her daughter Jodie, 9, their daughter Kelsey, four; and Jimmy Lynch, 39 – Sylvia and Willy’s brother.

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An inquest into the deaths began this morning.

And RTÉ reports:

“An inquest has heard that the fire that killed ten people at a halting site in Carrickmines, Co Dublin, was caused by a chip pan.

“Detective Inspector Martin Creighton told the Dublin Coroners Court that the source of the blaze in 2015 was found to be an electric cooker in a mobile home at the Glenamuck halting site.

“He said that a chip pan had been left on a hot plate on the cooker.”

“…The council’s director of services Thomas McHugh said the Glenamuck halting site was a temporary emergency site provided in 2008 for families who were living at the side of the road.

“In answer to coroner Myra Cunninane, he said that temporary emergency sites were exempt from housing regulations including fire safety regulations.”

Chip pan was cause of fatal Carrickmines fire, inquest told (RTÉ)

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Garda Commissioner Noriin O’Sullivan and former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald

This afternoon.

At the Disclosures Tribunal.

Legal counsel for Sgt Maurice McCabe Michael McDowell SC, while questioning Fiona Ward – a director of counselling with RIAN – claimed he was of the understanding that the former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald was informed of “the whole situation” pertaining to Sgt McCabe in 2015.

Mr McDowell made the point as he was asking Ms Ward why “nobody bothered” to tell Sgt McCabe about the allegations that he said led to his reputation being “shredded in private”.

When this was queried by Supreme Court judge Peter Charleton, Mr McDowell said he could be wrong but repeated it was his recollection that Ms Fitzgerald was informed in 2015.

Readers will recall that Sgt McCabe was not made aware of the matters until December 29, 2015.

In February of this year, Ms Fitzgerald said she was not aware of the Tusla error and released a statement saying the Minister for Children Katherine Zappone had informed her in January, 2017, that she intended to meet with Sgt McCabe but that Ms Zappone did not inform Ms Fitzgerald of any details in relation to Tusla.

At the same time, Taoiseach Enda Kenny also said that he was also aware of Ms Zappone’s meeting with the McCabes and was also not made aware of the details of their meeting.

Readers will also recall how two protected disclosures were made to Ms Fitzgerald by Sgt McCabe and former head of the Garda Press Office Superintendent Dave Taylor, in relation to the same matter, in October 2016.

Ms Fitzgerald later appointed Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill to investigate the disclosures and Justice O’Neill’s report was given to Ms Fitzgerald in December 2016.

Ms Fitzgerald then announced that it was establishing the current Disclosures Tribunal on February 7, 2017.


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The Silk Road Photo Exhibition, showcasing the work of Irish and Ireland-based photographers and photo journalists, will take place from March 12 to March 21 at the CHQ Building, IFSC, in Dublin’s Docklands.

It will be held in association with the Silk Road Film Festival, which runs from March 18 to 22.

The work to be exhibited covers countries from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Silk Road Photo Exhibition (Facebook)

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Stop them.

They’re attacking Democracy

Word On The Street Ireland writes:

“A large number of people turned out to protest against the set up of Irish Water [in Cork] on Saturday. The protestors met near the library on the Grand Parade and then marched down the South Mall, along Merchant’s Quay, up St. Patrick’s Street and back to the Grand Parade. This video portrays views from the ordinary people in the march.”

One man told Word On The Street Ireland (at 10.07):

“My father had a stroke, god rest him, the services weren’t there then, the services aren’t there now. And when my father had a stroke, and it distresses me, and there’s no fault now to the staff in CUH [Cork University Hospital]. My father was on a trolley for 24 hours, after a stroke. He wanted to relieve himself, which is one of the symptoms of stroke apparently. And the nurse handed me a pigeon and I had to hold my father’s privates out in the middle of CUH, as people were passing by. I’ll remember that to the day I die. And the situation has not improved. We’re giving money to the bankers, the hospitals are suffering, the nurses are protesting and there’s plenty of money there. As was said earlier, they’re burning €500million, here at the Central Bank – €500million for the next infinite number of years. Could that money not be diverted to pay for the health service?”

H/T: Grant March