Getting Irexit Moving


Nat King Coleslaw writes:

So LEAVE.EU calls him an “Irish Diplomat” when, according to Aidan, he’s the “ex Irish Ambassador to Canada and is not currently involved in any govt department, civil service or political group”

So (as Carol Cadwalladr suggests) who’s bankrolling him to get “Irexit” moving?


Ex-ambassador Roy Bassett on Ireland’s links to UK and EU (BBC)

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29 thoughts on “Getting Irexit Moving

  1. Lord Snowflakee

    Who cares? He has a point. These types of matters need to be openly discussed.

    1. Happy Molloy

      Right you are. Couldn’t disagree more with him but it’s good to talk.

      The mislabeling of his position is misleading though but hard to say who is responsible for that.

    2. Nigel

      So-called dark money being used 6o manipulate the media? Yes it does need to be discussed.

  2. Jimmey Russell

    this is dangerously racist this man needs to be arrested or something how does he even have a job? The EU is the best thing to happen to Europe reform is on the way we just need to be patient. Racist bigots will try to spread hate by making up lies about the EU being a bloated monolith of waste and corruption ruled by unelected commissioners & bureaucrats the only way we can make changes to the EU is from the inside reform is possible we just need to give our MEP’s time. England is finished now that they have left the EU they will collapse inside a year no one wants to trade with them anymore and they are literally throwing millions of people out of the country as we speak do we really want to go down that road? If something is that difficult it’s clearly not worth doing ugh I literally cant even right now.

    1. Listrade

      Think you might need to take a breath there Jimmy.

      Sadly reform isn’t coming and won’t come. The only reform coming is greater expansion of the EU, except with the current model.

      Questioning the EU and whether you want to part of where it is going isn’t racist or stupid. The Brexit campaign was racist and stupid, but concept of a Brexit isn’t.

      I’m old enough to remember when euro-scepticism was a left wing staple. Now you’re racist if you have your doubts about EU.

      But let’s not confuse the Tory and UKIP rationale for why we should all have concerns about the EU.

      We claim it racism when people are nationalistic, but then are happy to ignore how Greece continues to be screwed by the EU and the portrayal of the Greeks as feckless and lazy. It’s nationalistic to just focus on how we benefited from the EU and ignore those who have been harmed like Greece and Ukraine.

      Let’s face it, the EU has a big hand in our own austerity and it’s continuation.

      There is good in the EU, but it is an institution founded on trade and banking, not European citizens.

      MEPs are not pushing for any change. They hardly turn up to hearings for one, plus they are the rubber stamp for the bigger policy driver the EC, which isn’t elected.

  3. nellyb

    “Ireland has “much greater connections” to the UK than the remaining 26 EU states” – I think he’s spot on (but i’d prefer RoI to remain in eu)

    1. Paps

      Depends how you define connections.
      UK leaving Europe is one of the greatest missteps ever made.

    2. munkifisht

      Hey numbers, what’s bigger, 27 or 1, 743.1 million or 65.14 million, 16.518 trillion or 2.849 trillion? The EU is the only future Ireland has, the UK is a sinking ship and the rats are scrambling to get off. The UK is also likely going to see an implosion in their housing market. And the UK is going to open it’s borders to US food producers who are happy to use GM and mutant meat to produce a low quality, low price product that Irish farmers won’t be able to compete with. I say so long UK, it was nice knowing ye.

      1. Listrade

        You know that TTIP the EU were negotiating and pushing for would have opened up everyone to US food producers? Would have been major problems for local co-ops. It would have also opened up the HSE to US medical companies.

        Also with the “regulatory convergance” it would have meant lessening EU legislation so that EU and US had similar regulations…on things such as GM foods. Oh and on low quality meat too. Even better, under TTIP the US companies could have taken Ireland to court for unfair subsidies to farmers if it impacted their competition .

        The same things you are saying will be part of the disaster with the UK were being pushed by the EU. It was only Trump pulling the deal that stopped it.

        I guess the point is, leaving the EU probably will be a disaster for the UK, but the EU are not the good guys they are portrayed as. If it weren’t for the whim of Trump, we’d have been in the situation you state without any possible say. No referendum. No votes in EU parliament.

        1. DavidT

          CETA, TTIP’s younger brother, is going through and most TDs are for it.

          Once CETA’s in place, a new version of TTIP won’t be far behind. The ISDS clauses within these so-called ‘agreements’ are essential for the continuing rape of the 99% by the overclasses.

  4. Steve

    We Irish have done some stupid things, Dustin in Eurovision etc, but leaving the EU would be the stupidest thing we could ever do.

  5. MoyestWithExcitement

    There is a case to be made for rolling back the EU. Unfortunately the case is usually made by right wingers who see nationhood as an extension of their identity and ego and so are projecting an inferiority complex and need to be seen as a Big Man. Unless the socially conscious case for rolling it back catches on in other countries though, Ireland doesn’t really have a choice. Hopefully Prime Minister Corbyn can make a statement and implement a progressive, non EU UK much like Norway.

  6. Shayna

    Irexit? Maybe hold a referendum vote and see what the people think, then totally ignore the result. Ah, it’s already happened, a few miles North.

    1. Listrade

      For starters it’d need something better than Irexit. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Brexit. I’d have voted Brexit because it sounds like a biscuit.

      Maybe Eirgress or Eirgira.

  7. Joe Small

    Trying to figure out who Roy Bassett is – no references to him anywhere before this week.

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