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‘I probably don’t see us in Donnybrook for a start. The radio centre is way way too big and outdated and I don’t think anyone knows about the two floors of cables and wires under the centre and nobody knows what those wires do and are terrified to cut them!

I think what we will have to do is build a smaller centre somewhere near the M50, ideally I would like it in Dublin City and be part of the regeneration of the city. And for the handover we would shut down the old radio centre and do a countdown with Larry Gogan doing the handover!

Everything in TV and indeed radio is changing each year, we need new hi tec studios and a new smaller site has to be a logical way to go. What we have to also keep is the trust from the public too. When something big happens people will turn to RTE. We have to keep that trust and make sure that what we do is truthful and representative.

We don’t have hidden agendas, for example at the minute the government and water charge protesters think we are biased, we can’t win! We have a contract and a vested interest to the the people of Ireland to keep that trust.”

Joe Duffy talking to Mike O’Brien of Dublin City Photos


Has Video Killed The Radio Star (DublinCityPhotos)

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  1. Just Sayin


    “What is your favourite Dublin landmark?

    ‘I was reared in Ballyfermot, There is no reason to go to Ballyer as a tourist, it’s a very self enclosed area. I was thinking to myself where did we as kids go to that was near Ballyfermot. It was The National War Memorial in Islandbridge. People say there is an incredible gardens there and there is only one entrance to the gardens, the main entrance, and that is on a motorway. You cannot stop your car near the entrance, you have to park your car in Ballyer and walk the mile back to it. They were designed by Edwin Lutyens, who designed New Delhi! He had originally envisaged a bridge over the Phoenix Park to the Memorial Gardens over the Liffey, like a vista. Imagine how beautiful that would look now. The Memorial Gardens is my obsession at the moment. A wonderful Dublin Landmark’.”

    Joe doesn’t appear to know that there’s a pedestrian footbridge behind Liffey Gaels in Balleyfermot that will take you over the motorway and into the Gardens, or that you can walk down the river from Chapelizod, or enter via Islandbridge (where they even have a car park)

      1. Just Sayin

        Farmleigh is on the other side of the river.
        Is the bridge safe, yes if you mean is it likely to fall down, on the other hand if you mean am I likely to get shot in the head by a drug dealer, then maybe not.

  2. :-Joe

    Eh what!?.. Yes RTE you are biased, you have various agendas influencing you that are not representative of the public good and trust.

    Whatever good that comes out of you is immediately overwhelmed and engulfed by your tsunami of pure blandness and lot of people don’t even waste their time with you at all, let alone when “something big happens”.

    I’d be hard pressed to remember listening to or watching anything from RTE in the past six months and in the past four or five years I can’t remember listening or watching more than four or five hours a year on average. Mostly that only includes an Ireland international sports match not available anywhere else.

    Admittedly I rely on Broadsheet to highlight anything from RTE worth paying attention to and by far, most of it is usually negative and another reason not to bother. You should change your name to Lyric FM, sack the majority who are on the overpaid gravy train and close the rest down and let a more diverse group of people create something that reflects Irish society.

    I can’t even be bothered to send this rant to you directly….


  3. dav

    I’m not surprised about his comment of 2 underground stories of broadcasting tech that nobody knows which bit does what.

    1. edalicious

      Happens in pretty much all older studios. They put in cable runs and then when they do a refurb they just run new cables through the old runs without necessarily taking out the old cables then the next time they go to update some hardware, no one knows which cables are which so they just run new cables over both sets of old ones. Then it would take much too long to actually go back and figure out what does what so you just ignore it for another ten years, all the while fixing bits and pieces as they break, running the odd bit of cable here and there, until eventually it would be easier to just set the whole place alight and start again from scratch. Thankfully people are much better at labelling everything and cutting cable to the correct length these days so most new places are actually pretty concise and tidy, cable-wise.

  4. Truth in the News

    Bias is endemic in RTE, and has been there since nearly the beginning, its casts aspersions on
    rural Ireland, then there is anti Sinn Fein bias, and the slanted reporting on the North to appease
    Unionists, the cowering to Paisley all orchestrated by a group of Workers Party apparatchiks well embedded and well concealed, then there is the periods of obedience to what ever party is power so the licence can be upped, and now the blatant non reporting of huge public protests in Dublin about water taxes and meters, you have only have to recall the non reporting of Dail speech that had parliamentary privilege and there is the current failure to examine why we should continue with EU membership where we have no voice or clout, then there is the latest example of the snout in trough with sale of land at
    Montrose which inflates the cost of houses, the funds being used to prop up the RTE outfit in the style
    they have become accustomed to.
    Incidentally most of the wiring under the building can be eliminated, and distributed on an digital optical
    fiber cable circuit, then there is no need for interference screening

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