21 thoughts on “John Whonow?

      1. batmemes, dinna-dinna/dinna-dinna BATMEMES

        Coherency is subjective.
        For instance, I don’t understand you.

        Don’t make me post a video.
        I get angry when I post videos.

        I found your knickers. They were in a twist.

    1. Tony

      as some point, enough food will satisfy your hunger. After that more food will make you sick. But the more you hunger for power the sicker you get

  1. 2 cultural items (Memes)

    I pressed ‘PLAY’.
    Nothing happened.

    Is it just me or are other users having this problem too?

    I’m using Mozilla, (the latest version, of course).
    I update my Windows 95 twice a day and I’ve recently unplugged my Zip-Drive.
    When I click it just gets bigger, then smaller, then bigger again.
    I need a hand.

    – Am I doing it wrong?
    Is it my flaptop? (I can’t afford to steal another one. I nearly got caught the last time.)

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