Anything Good In ‘Time’?


Ah here.

Jennifer Duggan reports:

Showing TIME around his new office on July 7, one of the pictures ready to be put on the wall is a copy of the first sovereign bond issued to the Irish Free State.

It’s there as a daily reminder not to be complacent, he says, that “no matter what happens even the revolutionaries had to go to the bond market in order to sustain the free state.”

Needs more leprechaun.


Q&A: Ireland’s Leo Varadkar on Brexit, Trump and Keeping Ireland ‘At the Center of the World’ (TIME)

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23 thoughts on “Anything Good In ‘Time’?

      1. dav

        the gormless portrait we’d have to take but the headline – our facilitation of corporate tax evasion is a globalisation at it’s best..,

  1. theflorist

    fair play to the guy, I’m sure we can all be mature and congratulate him on this achievement….. 5,4,3,2,1….

  2. Frilly Keane

    are you twinkle toeing stardust sparkling daisy picking codding me

    look at him there
    posing like he’s at a Grads or a Lions player

    Lads that’s it

    I’m Packing it in
    I’m tinklin off
    to some Island where the sun shines all the time
    and I’m going to paint and make jewellry and sell the stuff on the internet

    and I’m going back on the Drink

      1. Frilly Keane

        Eff off
        I’ve no business
        Not intend to have any
        ( Unless someone in the family declares for Blah Cliath) business
        In the Leinster Championship

  3. missred

    That is a ludicrous picture of Leo. Seriously, he is a photogenic fella and they chose this one!

  4. Chris

    Ah Leo I really want to like him. I just however cannot look past the sustained campaign against vulnerable members of society. I’ve never even taken welfare, never mind fraud, but he still makes me feel guilty. If my life went one step differently that would be me he’s sneering at insultingly, it’s not but it still feels like it. I just don’t understand why, he would be popular without these attacks. Unless it’s some form of polarizing to keep core support, but even then is that really useful? If he really is trying to channel a Trudeau like figure why all the ‘hard left’ and poor bashing. He just can’t keep that stuff to himself, he can’t hide that appears to have no empathy with a large section of citizens. If he was a good politician he could fake it a little but he just can’t bring himself to or is advised not to. It’s a shame because he could be a unifying presence, or maybe less of a shame because that would strengthen FG.

  5. realPolithicks

    “no matter what happens even the revolutionaries had to go to the bond market in order to sustain the free state.”

    WTF, the guy’s a fupping robot.

  6. martco

    you don’t fool me in the slightest
    if you even make a start solving JUST ONE of our chronic issues I’ll pay attention
    until then fupp right off you scheming shinysuited pvc doubleglazing salesman, your country is in the toilet

    (and btw it’s just the European Ed. of Time Magazine, business as usual elsewhere, hardly Apollo 11 now is it?)

  7. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Something for the Irish TImes to wet themselves over. The rest of us – meh.

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