Two Weeks Later


Paul Murphy TD, of Solidarity, in Leinster House as Joan Burton TD, of the Labour Party speaks to the media on the Dáil plinth after Tuesday’s budgetary oversight committee

…. Confidence in the Garda Siochána is not an optional extra. It is the bedrock of public compliance and a properly functioning society. As a succession of scandals wash over the force, it is essential the public are assured that when gardaí give evidence in court, they speak nothing but the truth in accordance with their best recollection of sometimes fraught situations.

A Garda statement, saying a senior officer was conducting a review of organisational practices and policies arising out of Jobstown and “other issues of note”, may also have created the misleading impression that it would include evidence given in court. The Garda Commissioner made clear yesterday that this was not the case. A full Gsoc investigation is needed and Paul Murphy, if he is serious about anything other than crass political advantage, could usefully seek it.

A Case For Gsoc To Investigate (Irish Times editorial)



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14 thoughts on “Two Weeks Later

  1. Vote Rep #1

    For a GSOC investigation to begin, does it not need an actual complaint made?

    GSOC said during the week that no complaint had been made.

    Why does he not just make the complain? What am I missing here?

    1. sǝɯǝɯ@pǝsnɯǝq

      You’re not obliged to miss anything.
      Y’know yerself, it really doesn’t matter if it’s just other people.
      Just keep saying, ”It could never be me.”

      There’s nothing to see if you’re blind.

    2. realPolithicks

      GSOC appears to be another toothless “regulatory body” set up as a smokescreen for this corrupt police force, maybe thats why he hasn’t bothered.

  2. Frilly Keane

    this is exactly what needs to happen
    ‘said it here meself

    don’t spin it yerselves

  3. Boj

    I like how it’s ‘crass political advantage’ when lefty-loosey related and ‘cunning strategy’ when they righty-tighty play the same game. Politics is just one big panto….oh yes it is!!!

  4. Gabby

    Poor Paul Murphy TD. He got a bloody nose in the Dail. Politics isn’t for old ladies and the fainthearted.

    1. :-Joe

      Ye politics is better left to the FF/FG coalition of failure and we should all bow down to the establishment like the good little clowns that you seem to be trying to emulate….

      If more women could get a chance, auld dear’s would most likely do a better job than most of your favourite priveladged white male TD’s in power… hard to see how it could be worse.

      Keep voting like it’s 1917, it’s always better to be part of the majority with the herd mentality…


  5. :-Joe

    “A full Gsoc investigation is needed and Paul Murphy, if he is serious about anything other than crass political advantage, could usefully seek it.”

    “A full Gsoc instigation is needed” .. and “could usefully seek it”…
    – Why is this not being automatically treated as a national scandal that needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency instead of brushing it under with all the othe piles of dirt in the justice system?

    “crass political advantage”
    – Really?…. Are you fupping serious?….. The guards are guilty of conspiracy.. and this is your response!?

    The Banana republic is alive and well….


    1. Jimmy Ireland

      The guards are guilty of conspiracy? Now you wouldn’t be assuming guilt with little or no evidence would you? Because that’s what Murphy claims occurred.

      1. :-Joe

        Ye you’re so right, three guards give the same individual eye witness tetimony that’s proven to be false so there is no possibility of conspiring to commit the same act beforehand.

        I can’t wait for your next insightful comment…

        I’m being sarcastic btw, just in case you are even more confused.


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