No Line On The Horizon


Ahead of U2’s concert in Croke Park on Saturday…

A 747 crosses Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in Louisville. Kentucky during a U2 concert last month.

Jack Jones writes:

Will the Garda helicopter fly by on the opening track as well on Saturday?

7 thoughts on “No Line On The Horizon

  1. Leopold Gloom

    May very well just be the video, but that seems like there is clsoe to zero athmosphere in the stadium at all. Sound was pretty good mind

  2. Otis Blue

    I can confirm that the Garda helicopter will in fact fly past the U2 gig. It will be piloted by the Commish, Noirin O’Sullivan with the Two Pauls (Williams & Reynolds) in support as they seek to recreate the iconic Captain Willard/ Ride of the Valkyries scene in Apocalypse Now.

  3. munkifisht

    For all the moaning about em, that’s one of the greatest albums ever, they’re one of the greatest live acts ever and that’s gonna be some gig.

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