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  1. Paul

    “An Post has reported pre-tax losses of €15.6m in its 2016 annual report.”

    Clowns working at the branch can’t even remove outdated info months after the event.

    No wonder they want to close post offices…

    1. dav

      any member of staff who does remove the sign would no doubt be reported as an anti-water tax subversive and be placed on a list.

  2. Gay Tea Shop

    Hurry up and pay before they close it and open a burrito shop for students or a pop-up avocado on toast “street food” plaza for millennial tech workers.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Turn a post office into a pop-up plaza? I’d like to see one o’ dem.

  3. Cantal Ach

    They’d be the bills from Erne Valley Group Water Scheme in Arva, Co Cavan.
    There’s more to the world than Irish Water, lads and lassies.

    1. Brother Barnabas


      “there’s more to the world than your parochial national interests – there’s our parochial local interests, for starters”

      1. Cantal Ach

        True, but hardly relevant here.
        The point was that the town’s post office (you can see the local football club’s lotto envelopes beside the sign) is providing a service to allow people in the area to pay their water bills, which are typically due around this time of year. I’m sure similar signs are to be found in many other places around the nation where group water schemes exist. There’s no connection to Irish Water here (in both senses).
        I’ve never set foot in the place but a minute’s research goes a long way.

  4. Brother Barnabas

    why do they whisper the first bit, and then shout the second bit

    (tactic I use to scare kids when telling bedtime stories / tip from best dad in world [I have a mug to prove it]: content is unimportant; speed and volume of delivery is all that matters]

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