‘Netherlands Is Our Salvation’


Vera Twomey and her daughter Ava in Tyesterdays edition of ‘The Algemeen Dagblad’

Vera Twomey and her husband Paul Barry gave an interview with a Dutch daily newspaper yesterday over their struggle to obtain medicinal cannabis for their daughter Ava.

Vera, Peter and Ava have moved to Holland to legally treat the symptoms of Ava’s dravet syndrome.

‘Nederland is écht onze redding, we blijven hier zolang als nodig is’ (AD)

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38 thoughts on “‘Netherlands Is Our Salvation’

  1. postmanpat

    You can get grass here, sure its illegal but no one cares. Does a doctor roll a joint and then call it medical marijuana? It’s a plant , It’s not a struggle for me to get it , you can get it everywhere. If I had a sick kid who might benefit from it I would not emigrate in a million years. For all Irelands faults, it is home. To hell with the law. Whatever Vera , good luck with the Dutch lessons.

      1. postmanpat

        I was typing from work. Wow! look at me using grass recreationally AND holding down a job! I have a mortgage, a wife and child too, not that you would believe that,. It doesn’t fit your black and white view of drug users.

          1. postmanpat

            no , why do you ask? Do you actually think Ava Twomey is smoking regular rolled joints in the Netherlands?

    1. Papi

      I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain how ridiculous what you just said was.

      1. scottser

        while i wouldn’t put it quite like the good postman above, you can get cannabis oil online. there is no reason to uproot and move to the netherlands and you shouldn’t have to. in fact it just suits our government not to have to deal with ava’s family over here. if one of my kids needed it i’d make sure they got it and even if a court told me to stop i’d ignore any order to desist. the squeaky wheel gets the grease, remember.

        1. postmanpat

          You can bet your life there are parents of similarly sick kids who are doing just that. Keeping the head down and getting on with things. Instead of whingeing to a government that does not care and continues to blindly follow USA’s Nixon / Nancy Reagan outdated drug policies or the media that does not care and just wants a story. I feel there is a certain narcissism to Vera actions encouraged by the media and certain political opportunists, (that don’t care either).

      2. postmanpat

        Indulge me please. What’s ridiculous about it? That you can get marijuana all over Ireland and the people that use it don’t care about the law?

        1. Papi

          First of all, she’s not looking to get the child high with a nice bag a skunk. Proper dosed medical cannabis oil is necessary for the treatment of the seizures. I doubt if Jimmy down the pub is aware. Secondly, she has moved to the Netherlands both to more easily/legally get it, but also to highlight the necessity to change the legislation in Ireland, hence the newspaper interview in the picture above.

          1. postmanpat

            Grass is oil soluble. Its not rocket science to figure out how to safely do it yourself. (not that anyone in the entire history of humanity has ever died from a Cannabis overdose, the closest thing to a human dying was those Rhesus monkeys Ronald Raegans hack scientists murdered in the 80’s ) Youtube & Google are your friends. Hell, put a please help request on Reddit and you’ll have a hundred professionals helping you in minutes. Its a lot less hassle than uprooting your life and emigrating.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Are you a qualified pharmacist or something?

            Because, as I see you mention in a post up above, you’re a parent- and as one myself, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving my kid something I’ve concocted myself, even from a drug as innocuous as cannabis.

            Would you take the risk? I know it’s different for everyone, but I’d rather take the trouble of upping sticks than play with my kid’s health like that.

          3. dav

            mildred I really don’t think he gives a damn, he just want’s to kick the parents trying to do right by their sick child, simply because they might cast the country in a bad light in the foreign press.

          4. scottser

            does she have an actual prescription recommending dosage, quantity, frequency and solution strength? if she does then she can simply order it from a pharmacy in that jurisdiction.
            as for going to the netherlands, i wonder what vera may be risking by being outside of ireland in terms of the continuity of ava’s care. they won’t get social welfare, housing etc over there unless habitually resident. ava won’t get into schools etc. it’s one thing to make a point, it’s another entirely to risk your child’s wellbeing to make that point.

        2. mildred st. meadowlark

          I think that some of her motive must be to make sure that what her daughter is taking is actually safe for consumption with her illness, and also to ensure that, legally speaking, she’s not risking herself or her child.

          It’s not for her personal use, but for her daughter and I’d say she feels quite an obligation to protect her from all fronts.

          1. Papi

            Exactly, some of the street weed is laced with utter poison to make it look THC heavy. Pure fibreglass.

          2. postmanpat

            okay Papi , just make sure your kids don’t go out trick or treating either, because there are old ladies out there that put razor blades in the toffee apples.

    2. anne

      If the child were to have a seizure, was taken to hospital and THC was found to be in her system, you are talking about the child being removed from her parents..

      Just use a bit of cop on will you?

    3. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

      You come across a bit nasty and personal Pat
      Presumably in your view the blacks who unlike Rosa Parks didn’t want any trouble should have just sat where they were told? I’d speculate that a lifetime of abuse of dope has impaired your criticism thinking faculties

  2. Eoin

    What kind of home refuses a child medicine. Ireland will be last to do the right thing as usual.

  3. postmanpat

    Imagine if the government allowed an easily grown weed to be used for medicinal reasons and pain relief? Big pharma stand to lose billions in additive and potentially lethal opioid derivatives if the weed train keeps rolling. The government is not going to disrupt GlaxoSmithKline’s and other pharmaceuticals companies bottom line. GSK stock is sitting among the stock portfolios of too many politicians and judges. What are they going to do? shoot themselves in the foot? They have to do the right thing financially for themselves first, not the public good. Also all drugs are bad, like …..rap music and curse words.

    1. memes by numbers

      One day a pretty (stupid) girl said to me…
      Let’s make children.’

      I told her it was a BAD idea.
      I told her to get back on her bike, and maybe remove the saddle.

      BTW, what’s this thread about?

      1. memes by numbers

        She roode over some cobblestones and I haven’t seen her since.

        Women are weird.

    2. postmanpat

      no, I’m not “for real”. Jesus where’s your sense of satire? Papi was spreading lies and hysteria about crushed up fiberglass being added to street weed. I was making a comparison to the old urban myth where supposedly a child in the USA died of a razor blade hidden in candy given by a psycho neighbor during Halloween. No records exist of this kid even existing as it was an urban myth but millions of people believed it then and continue to believe it now. So much so, that to this very day, there is still a massive reduction of children out knocking on doors on Halloween. It was a lie, as is this rubbish story about fiberglass being added to weed. It’s sad that I even have to break it down for you. No one is adding fiberglass to weed, its just a story to scare kids. Also Santa isn’t real. (See I’m doing a joke again , just incase you get triggered, I don’t actually believe that you believe Santa exists, its just a joke, so lighten up.)

      1. memes by numbers

        I read some of your stuff, pasttencepeter.
        …then I fell asleep, bynaccident.

        Things happen.

      2. Papi

        Yep, I was spreading hysteria. Did everyone get that? My quite calm belief that street weed may have additions, in any shape or form means you couldn’t use it in a medical setting. A purely medical setting, like this one. If you choose to not get that, so be it. Your jokes are fine, but you’re talking through your hat on this point, and I think you know it.

  4. memes by numbers

    It’s all cool, yeah?
    Answer me tomorrow, when you’re feeling better.

    1. memes by numbers

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