Pay It Backward


Currently the situation at RTÉ is causing widespread disquiet.

The NUJ and many women are angry that male presenters are paid considerably more than their female counterparts, the head of the company is concerned that it is losing money while the general public is worried about a possible increase in the price of the TV licence.

I have a suggestion that could solve all these problems at once: reduce the salaries of the men until they match those of the women.

There! Everyone is happy!

Dave Robbie,
Co Dublin.

Gender pay differences at RTE (Irish Times)


Last night… reported:

RTÉ bosses have been accused of gagging staff who want to talk publicly about the gender pay gap controversy.

During a meeting of RTÉ National Union of Journalists (NUJ) members on Thursday it was claimed that management had refused to give permission to some of its stars to engage with the media about the ongoing debate over pay.

One presenter told the meeting she had been approached by a number of newspapers and asked to comment on the issue but when she asked for authorisation from RTE it was denied.

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11 thoughts on “Pay It Backward

  1. TheRealJane

    On a related note, I read with joy David Quinn blaming the pay gap on maternity penalties thereby endorsing the view that without unrestricted access to contraception and abortion, women will be socially and economically penalised.

    I’m sure he doesn’t think that’s a good thing.

    He’s not mad.

  2. Eoin

    Google Tony Rooke, the BBC TV license protester who cannot be forced to pay his license in the UK. And prepare to be amazed at the ‘why’.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Well done Mr Robbie
    If there was an award or sum’ting I could nominate ya for I would

    Here, if I win the record voucher
    It’s all yours lad

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant plan

  4. Kid Creole Jensen

    RTE is just plain mad. Earlier this week their extremely well paid environmental correspondent was doing a piece on ragwort or something similar while the big enviromental story was the water shortage in Louth and Meath which he wasnt covering
    The top presenters are seriously over paid vis a vis the audiences they bring in.

  5. Mourning Ireland

    Expect the subject to appear in the Fair City script- they’re all too lazy to waddle beyond the RTE canteen for inspiration,

  6. Willie Banjo

    When RTE presenters complain about the pay of the cleaners out in Montrose (predominantly female I’ll bet) I’ll start paying attention.

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