‘This Iteration Of Sexism/Racism’



On the same day that Sunday Times columnist Kevin Myers’ article was removed from the Sunday Times website, an apology was issued and it was announced that Mr Myers will not write for the newspaper again…

Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Sunday Times columnist, Kevin Myers, sit next to each other at the West Cork History Festival in Skibbereen.


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Readers may wish to note the apologies issued yesterday by Martin Ivens, editor of The Sunday Times; and Frank Fitzgibbon, editor of the Irish edition of The Sunday Times, following the publication, and subsequent removal of Kevin Myers’ article…

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31 thoughts on “‘This Iteration Of Sexism/Racism’

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Apologise for proofing, approving and publishing hate speech that has been inflicted on Ireland for years, but only just discovered by the Brits.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        I was told that numbers are so low that the don’t proof read everything. Senior journos probably get a bye on the proof reading as they are more trusted. I would imagine that is what happened here though going by his previous articles, possibly not.

        1. lolly

          I know a couple of contributors to the S Times and it is not uncommon for pieces to be in part rewritten or tweaked by their editor or by sub-eds. Fitzgibbon often comments to them on their pieces when he meets them in person so he keeps a close eye on contributors. I would be very surprised if he hadn’t had at least a quick read of Myers’ piece. Certainly the opinion editor would have read it (or at the very least scanned through it). They just didn’t think it would get this kind of reaction. It is possible they are short-staffed given the time of year but I would bet money that this piece was read by at least two people, one of whom was senior, and it was still published.

    1. shitferbrains

      As a dedicated opponent of the existence of Israel he has. Must have thought that all his birthdays had come at once at this chance to take a pop at Myers.

  1. Tony

    That’s a neatly expressed sum up by Titley of that horrid toad Myers’ MO. It could have been written 20 years ago too

  2. Nigel

    Myers was an early example of the important principle that just because someone is loudly anti-IRA that does not make them a good person. It’s nothing to be proud of that Ireland treated him as an intellectual of note for so long rather than a nasty crank.

    1. It Won't Stand Up In Court

      Being able to form words of more than one syllable into coherent sentences he is sadly an intellectual by Irish standards. He’s done some good work highlighting the disgraceful treatment of our WWI heroes. However this column while making some salient points hits out at some sacred cows e.g. the “jews” or the “women” and as such he has to make way for a more bigoted online contrarian.

        1. It Won't Stand Up In Court

          I did consider placing “sacred cows” in ironic quotes Nigel maybe that wouldn’t have triggered you as much

      1. Mick

        We are all people, un-separate….there are no sacred divisions. Nobody is better than anybody….. unless they are a dick head…and we’ll, sure that can be anyone

  3. Joe Small

    You can add to that his activities such as those at the West Brit History Festival who go way beyond casting a fresh eye at Irish history one hundred years ago to insist none of the leaders from that era were remotely Republican and wouldn’t it be great if we were part on the United Kingdom again? This stems from Myers having, I think, a grandfather who was in the RIC, who, you know, weren’t bad at all and were really like your local village bobby, according to Myers.

    1. It Won't Stand Up In Court

      What’s this blatant playing the man and not the ball got to do with the real fact that the Irish heroes of WWI were disgracefully treated and this inconvenient heroism is almost completely brainwashed from contemporary Irish school history curricula?

    2. lolly

      that’s a very lazy comment about the RIC. some were indeed the village bobby arresting drunks and so on. if you wanted to stay in a rural area there wasn’t a huge amount of work around so some people joined the British army and some joined the RIC. some were involved in evictions and were despised, some turned a blind eye to republican activity and helped the war of Independence fighters, and some helped the crown forces, many joined the Garda Síochána after 1922. the force was three quarters catholic and largely drawn from the local population they policed just as it is today.

  4. Otis Blue

    I do like the fact that the pompous windbag is seated in front of a portrait of Tom Barry.

  5. Digs

    Kevin Myers views on race, gender, identity, ethnicity and religion are as painful, predictable and constant as they have always been. Since he was released by the Irish Times, he has become an ever increasing awful caricature of his awful self. A deeply nauseating individual, of whom no one takes with more than a pinch of salt.
    Gavin Titley’s views on same are also as painfully predictable and constant as they are obvious and derivative. His beleaguered outrage and polemic style are his own shtick.
    In many ways he reminds me of Myers…
    Myers is to journalism in many ways what Gavin Titley is to academia…

    1. Digs

      Indeed, himself, Rory Ahearne and Elaine Byrne are all cut from the same shabby and synthetic cloth.

      There’s plenty of morons holding up Myers rear guard also. The Doherty fella is a beacon for hate print as is the other patently insidious hack, Barbara Mc’Carthy.

      They should all get together and procreate!

  6. Friscondo

    Of all the great female contributors to the BBC, how in hell are Feltz and Winkleman the highest paid? Weird! And of course Myers was always just an attention seeking fascist.

  7. Frilly Keane

    How da’ rhymes with pup did this happen tho

    Like Myers is high risk anyway
    Was someone off on the beer?

    Or were they all just bored and wanted a bitta viral action and attention from London.
    That wouldn’t surprise me btw

  8. Jimmey Russell

    how is this literal nazi not in jail? women shouldnt have to work the same hours as men or put in the same length of service that’s a misogynistic double standard, and saying that an ethnic group sticks together and looks after their own is hate speech, pure and simple, and is dangerously offensive.

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