Part of the proposed Clontarf to Dublin City cycle path at Fairview Park, Dublin 3


Edel Leahy writes:

The beautiful old trees that line the footpath along the front of Fairview Park are in danger of being felled, to make way for a proposed new cycleway. The wonderful wrought iron fencing and gates would also be removed. The very essence and character of Fairview is under threat and we need to protect it. We need to save these trees!

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24 thoughts on “Unfairview

  1. Ciarán Ferrie

    The ridiculous thing here is that the council would rather knock down mature trees than give up even a metre or two of roadspace to create safe cycling infrastructure

  2. Kid Creole Jensen

    That cycle track is sure taking a long time. The Howth to Blackrock cycle lane was supposedly signed off in 2002. I remember a former mayor telling me at the time.

  3. Paps

    A link the the proposed cyclepath would be nice rather than just reporting the ravings of somebody who doesn’t understand what removal and replanting of trees means.
    “There is also a perfectly fine cycleway that goes through the park already in existence.”
    obviously not.

    1. FoxFire

      There is a cycleway through the park, it’s in the picture on the petition page…
      Most cyclists ignore it though and take the short route along the front of the park – where there is another existing cycleway.

      1. Ironballs McGinty

        The outside route may be shorter, but I find the route through the park quicker and safer as there’s far less people wandering into the cycle lane glued to their phones (presumably to check on the net what a large bike painted on the path signifies). The lane through the park also has gates at the Clontarf end that only open after 9am(???) so maybe that leads people off onto the outer route. Neither would particularly safe during the leaf-fall fest.

    2. LuvinLunch

      Actually, if you check the distance, the one through the park is shorter and it’s gorgeous. I love seeing the seasons change in the park

  4. scottser

    a bit of red tarmac and a bit of black tarmac walk into a pub and order a couple of pints.
    barman points to red tarmac and says ‘i’m not serving him, he’s a cyclepath.

  5. GGG

    This isn’t about the cyclepath – this is a way of sneaking in the Malahide road BRT. They’re doing it under the pretence of including a (substandard) cycle lane in the design

    If you look at the top of the image, the cycle lane goes on the inside of car parking spaces – this is to be converted to an island bus stop for the BRT when that project begins. Blame the NTA here – it’s they who are really behind this project.

  6. Noel Smyth

    Get a life people! Fairview park is in need of lots of work! Full of smashed glass, you wouldn’t walk anywhere near those trees at night if you value your life! This is a good idea – will open the park up, maybe make it safer!

  7. Kdoc1

    There is already a cycle path on the outside of the railings as well as one inside the park!

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