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The Garda watchdog GSOC has been asked to investigate the single vehicle collision which happened at the junction with the Malahide Road at around 1.10am this morning.

The van came to the attention of officers prior to the crash so the case has been referred to the Garda Ombudsman Commission.

Man Dies And Woman And Boy Injured In Fairview Crash (Newstalk)

Fairview Park, Dublin 3

Further to fears that trees which line the footpath along the front of Fairview Park in Dublin 3 could be felled to make way for a proposed new cycleway…

Cian Ginty, on Irish Cycle, writes:

The destruction of the trees is not required for the cycle route and a better, safer, and more attractive cycle route than the one planned can be built without knocking down the trees.

The competing interests are wide-ranging. They include councilors and others who don’t want to see traffic lanes reduced, and those who think traffic lanes should be taken out before trees are cut down.

Other interests include the National Transport Authority and one of its planned bus route upgrades (to so-called BRT standard). And there’s the council officials who want an “esplanade” — translation: a shared walking and cycle path with fancy paving running along a redefined edge of Fairview park.

Then there’s the planned cycle route. Despite planning on holding Velo City in 2019, an international cycling conference, with the tagline “cycling for the ages”, the council are set against proper, Dutch-like segregated cycle paths suitable for all ages and abilities.

There’s loads of space inside the tree line for separation of cycling and walking — and this is much the same for nearly all of the length of the park. Most of the current shared surface of the footpath / one-way cycle path between the trees and the roadway can be greened, with space left for bus stops and cycling and walking crossings.

Dublin needs a high-quality cycle route and this can be provided without cutting down the trees. The current plan from the council is too low grade and does not provide for “cycling for the ages”.

At public consultation for the project a two-way cycle path was also the main preference of individuals, businesses, councillors and cycling groups. It’s not only practical, it has support.

...The images below show an outline concept — note: this will work with or without changing the current roadway (for a BRT route or whatever). And also note that this is a concept, while it will fit, the measurements here aren’t supposed to directly relate to any one section (the widths vary).


Fairview trees could be saved with a two-way cycle path (Irish Cycle) 

Yesterday: Unfairview


Part of the proposed Clontarf to Dublin City cycle path at Fairview Park, Dublin 3


Edel Leahy writes:

The beautiful old trees that line the footpath along the front of Fairview Park are in danger of being felled, to make way for a proposed new cycleway. The wonderful wrought iron fencing and gates would also be removed. The very essence and character of Fairview is under threat and we need to protect it. We need to save these trees!

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John Keenan writes:

Electrician parking in a bus stop outside Chopped in Fairview [in Dublin 3] today at midday. Driver turned on the hazards and joined the salad queue. Buses had to stop in the traffic lane for passengers. Wheelchair users would have had a blast.