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Six years ago….

Clampers Outside writes:

From 2011… Ray D’Arcy then Today FM grilling Marian Finucane on her salary…. all the lols

Mind no when Marian says she’s ‘not sure’ how her salary is negotiated, one may get a bit twitchy….damn comfy to be the highest paid per HR and not have a clue how your own salary is negotiated. Pulse o’ the people an’ stuff…

Yesterday: Twilight Of The Gods

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33 thoughts on “From The Vaults

  1. Co C.

    I don’t really blame the presenters for taking what they can get, I blame RTE for offering it.

      1. nellyb

        Wrong order, the first should be at the end
        but they accepted what was offered, nutn wrong with that

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Nail on the head.

      If someone offered me 200k for doing what I do, I wouldn’t say no.

      Doesn’t make it right though, does it?

  2. postmanpat

    Nobody under 30 is watching or listening to shows staring these RTE high earners anymore. Online media has changed the whole world. RTE are obsolete and they know it. they will hungrily grab whatever they can for as long as they can, the intuitional corruption between quango RTE and the government will scam the TV license holders for at least a decade after the format its dead. It will be a nice soft landing for Darcy and friends. Ray Darcy is a sanctimonious phony just like Gerry Ryan. He acts like he is the voice for the public good but his opinions are reheated US podcasts passed off as his own enlightened opinion.

  3. kid jensen

    thanks for posting anyone know how I can get to listen to Myers interview on 5 live this morning

  4. Ronan

    I do get a bit weary with people judging these people’s worth purely based on hours broadcast. I’m pretty sure that you’re working at a production level quite a bit of the week. Yes I imagine Marian has it easier than Ray, given her weekend-only slots, but even so she works more than 4 hours a week. You don’t just turn up at 10.55 and leave at 1.05 for a 11-1 broadcast. Ditto for the others, particularly those in current affairs/news.

    1. kid jensen

      except for the fact that her Sunday show is practically a review of the papers and yet failed to pick up on the Myers column which was breaking while the show was on.

      1. Rugbyfan

        ‘You don’t just turn up at 10.55 and leave at 1.05 for a 11-1 broadcast’

        the way she presents that show one would be forgiven to think that she does!

    2. Bodger

      Ronan, Marian Finucane is poorly informed and not just with her weekly brief. She had to have Alan Partridge explained to her one morning recently.

    3. ahjayzis

      She’s not hosting This Week. She has a few of her well-heeled mates in for a natter over the papers she skim-reads and has to have every item of popular culture from the last 25 years explained to her by her panellists.

      I’m talking here about the weekends she’s actually in work – as she takes 9 weeks holidays.

    4. Clampers Outside

      I agree Ronan.

      But the argument about the supposed “paygap” does not take that* into account so one must operate at the level argument is posed.

      *that being:
      – Time slot given for programme
      – Impact of presenter on viewership / listership

      “you could throw up an RTE test card for half an hour the Angeles and still get good ratings” …is a rough quote from an advertising media manager from the 90s.

      Still holds true today, I believe, that you could get TVRs with just a screencard at a primetime slot like… 1800-1830 Mon-Fri on RTE1 TV; or Weekend mornings on RTE Radio 1.

      Yes, it’s not just about hourly rates but the paygap enthusiasts who claim men on the whole earn more than women never use any other metric other than broad statements which are more often than not reduced to v little difference (in pay) upon closer analysis.

      There’s plenty women in RTE on a good wedge, the CEO, CFO and Cheif Digital Officer are all women doing well. And good for them.

      The whole paygap thing is poo.

  5. phil

    Salary is one thing, but I find it astonishing that 400000 people listen to her show …
    You could almost calculate it per person … If I knew what her salary was, DONT tell me Im having a good day…

    1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

      So do I. I guess she has a big follower base from years back. Also no one cares about what’s on the other stations at this time – it’s the lowest of the low. Newstalk tried various women in that slot to compete over the years and she kicked every single one of their butts.

  6. Johnny Keenan

    I’d see it as my patriotic duty to go in and tell the truth with guests that are seriously moving the country forward. Not dated chefs with artisan rabbit lettuce and boring farts who run and cycle around in circles.
    I’d play good
    original Irish music ( of most genres). I’d do it for an industrial wage.
    Rays Arcy should be made do that or give the job to me.

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