At the Aviva Stadium, Dublin 4 last night.

The Kenmeister tweetz:

So this is the corporate standard tonight? The food didn’t match the cost of the menu. Seriously. How do I complain?

Fifteen quid.

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45 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    1. You call yourself The Kenmeister
    2. You went to see United

    Food poisonings too good for you

    1. Brother Barnabas

      It actually gets worse. The Kenmeister’s Twitter profile:

      “Kielys regular, Krystle occassionalist & Leinster purist”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was trying to kill him.

      1. Harry Molloy

        yer a bunch of reverse snobs

        what people DON’T know about the Kenmeister is that he gives half of every pay check to the donkey sanctuary and volunteers Tuesdays and Thursdays in a Magdalene laundry

      2. Rugbyfan

        Kielys regular, Krystle occassionalist & Leinster purist”

        siff …sounds like a rugbynewbie.

      3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Krystle. Gawd. Imagine it. There’s a lot to be said for boring married life. Though I guess Krystle is full of many married people, the dirty dawgs.

  2. Joe

    The cheapest tickets for this were €60, so I presume a ticket at the corporate level was much more.

    Maybe given you’d paid so much to see a meaningless glorified training session they figured you’d shell out a decent wedge for any old mediocre crap?

    1. scottser

      i’m surprised there hasn’t been a comment along the lines ‘well united paid 90m for a turkey, what do ye expect?’

  3. Kolmo

    The profit margin on “food” (woejusly poor quality, mostly) at events in Ireland must be the highest in Europe from my observations in travel.
    Go to an event or a market square in Germany, France, Holland or Spain and then compare the disgusting muck they lash out to people here, for a fortune..

  4. Anomanomanom

    Its complete crap compared to the price but iv seen worse. Witness 2005 I think I bought a breakfast roll for €8, it was literally a baguette with a hot dog sausage. So we in Ireland tend to put up with this crap because we end up buying the over priced crap over and over.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    There are similar reviews on Trip Advisor about the food. Looks gross. But this is typical of a venue whose core business is not food, hiring the cheapest catering bid. The prevailing attitude being ‘they’re here for the match, not gourmet grub’.

    Can’t believe that yoke cost €15.

    1. BINGO

      Typical of an attitude that pervades everything to do with customer service/satisfaction in this country.
      Zero pride in quality of service/product.

      The general public are bigger eejits for putting up with it.
      We’re all guilty of this in various different ways.

      “Take their money and get them the fupp away from the counter”

  6. postmanpat

    1: Hand it back and say you don’t want it 2:don’t pay. or 1:eat it ‘cos you went for a quick few jars before the match instead of eating dinner and now your leppin’ 2: Take photos on your phone and moan about it to an uncaring internet.

  7. Frilly Keane

    Lemme guess Kenmiester

    Here cross the river for yerself
    And bring yer own grub
    Manbag n’all
    And it’s not all hang Sangwiches
    I’ve seen Kilkenny lads with salad boxes

    1. scottser

      ‘i’ve seen kilkenny lads with salad boxes’ should be painted on to a banner 150ft long and hung from the top of the cusack stand.

  8. edalicious

    In fairness, the food absolutely does not match the description. I’ve gotten much better food for much less in the Aviva.

  9. Custo

    Support your local team m8.

    The burgers are only 3 quid and the football actually means something.

    1. BINGO

      You’re not as hungry as you think you are.
      You’ll survive without food for a few hours and fell better for not shoveling third rate garbage into yer face.

  10. Andy

    Is Kenmeister a play on Heineken,

    Like, roish, lets get some Heinos / H-Bombs / Kens into us Fintan, before the rugger

  11. BINGO

    I was at this game and the lad sitting next to me was twenty mins late for kick-off (“f*ppin’ parkin’ round here”).
    Then at half-time, he ran out to get chips for himself and his wife/GF.
    He missed the first ten mins of the second half (“f*ppin’ queues for these”).
    €70 a seat, he missed one-third of the football and spent €15 on scabby chips!!!

    Mad fupper!

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Two lads beside me yesterday were similar except worse, I reckon at most they watched 20 minutes of the match.

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