‘Those People Who Steal And Beg’


Ethel Brooks

Marie O’Halloran, in The Irish Times, reports:

A US professor visiting Ireland has expressed her shock at an alleged anti-Romany outburst by an immigration officer at Dublin Airport when she told him she was attending the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration.

Prof Ethel Brooks, associate professor of women’s and gender studies and sociology at Rutgers State University in New Jersey, arrived in Dublin on Tuesday.

Of Romany extraction, she said she did not make a complaint at the time because she was terrified she might not be allowed into the country.

…The Romany activist said that when she explained the reason for her visit “the border guard said, ‘right, those people who steal and beg’. I told him, ‘I’m part of that community’.

And he said, ‘well you’ve never been to Milan where you stand at an ATM and they’ll just force you to give them all your money – and you see it constantly in Dublin you have to watch your purse as well’.”

US professor alleges racist outburst by immigration officer (The Irish Times)

56 thoughts on “‘Those People Who Steal And Beg’

  1. Milo

    Jaysus, the Romany’s. the Brazilians, Regina’s mate… Its all going off at the airport. Funny that we always only get one side before we rush to print. What happened to confirming a story? Probs doesn’t suit the agenda that we are godless racists.

    1. Cian

      This must be kosher – she really is a professor attached to a proper university. She wouldn’t lie.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        So she made up such a story?
        Seems likely
        Who would we be confirming this with?
        The racist involved?

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          Don’t even bother engaging with the braindeads here ID they bicker for hours like oul wans about bullcrap and then back each other up when you call them up on it.

      2. Cian

        On re-reading my comment it comes across as sarcastic. This wasn’t intended.
        I don’t have reason to doubt Ethel Brooks. That level of anti-Romani sentiment is common here.

        My first comment was more aimed at “Regina’s mate” whose story had several, um, inconsistencies on it’s initial telling – specifically that she was an academic attached to a university – which wasn’t corroborated. Also how the Brazilian nanny was spun.

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          Good man Cian. I sleep more soundly in my bed knowing that you are constantly on the hunt for any outbreaks of political correctness or inaccuracy in reporting. Scary world isn’t it?

          1. Lord Snowflakee

            What, sarcasm, me?

            I’ll tell you something though Mildred I REALLY LOVE being in moderation all the time. I have so much to offer if only they’d listen.

      3. Kenny U-Vox Plank

        “Proper” university?

        It’s a State university. And the State is New Jersey.

    2. Kenny U-Vox Plank

      All U.S. citizens are subject to military call up if necessary (check it). Potentially none of Trump’s war machine should be allowed into this country.

  2. Bruncvik

    In all fairness, the gypsies have stolen all the good spots from the hard working Irish beggars, forcing the latter to earn their money through snatching mobile phones from unsuspecting tourists around O’Connell Street. It’s almost as if they were stealing themselves…


    unfortunate but get over it ‘professor’, or, court the minor controversy regurgitating it to media outlets that reckon it might bring in a few clicks

    these days most half educated people know that there is a diff between romani & romanians, but don’t let that stop you verbally waterboarding anyone that will give you 5 mins…

    if anything, a great bit of subject matter for your next speaking appointment

    1. Birneybau2

      “these days most half educated people know that there is a diff between romani & romanians, but don’t let that stop you verbally waterboarding anyone that will give you 5 mins…”


  4. On The Buses

    What a surprise that an ‘associate professor of women’s and gender studies and sociology’ has found a reason to get angry before even getting in to the country.

    1. Off the buses

      I dont think an ‘associate professor of women’s and gender studies and sociology’ needs a reason to get angry. Default setting I’d say

      1. Gorev Mahagut

        These days you can’t say “women are angry and irrational” without losing your job at the Sunday Times. But you can say “associate professors of women’s and gender studies and sociology are angry and irrational”… and we’ll all know what you mean.

    2. Cian

      in fairness if I arrived in the USA and on seeing my passport was told by border control: ‘Irish? right, those people who drink too much and fight all the time’. I’d get a bit angry.

      1. Yep

        A bit angry? Pffft. I punch him right in the face after seeing if he was around for a pint after work.

      2. Hugh_Mungus

        “Dont drink us dry now” was what I was told by a US immigration official at Dublin airport, I managed to survive the incident.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          And your reply should be, “Actually I’m a recovering alcoholic, but thanks.” and watch them redden.

      3. Kenny U-Vox Plank

        In fairness though, that’s why they introduced immigration control – sorry. “pre-clearance” in Dublin. Save you – and them – the bother. You’d be a bit angry if you had drink on you with those queues I suppose.

  5. Declan

    I think the real problem here is that it’s unprofessional – whatever your view of Roma.

  6. Vote Rep #1

    Tbf, he isn’t that wrong. They do do a fair bit of begging and possibly engage in stealing as well.

    His main mistake was mistaking work for the pub and thinking that, his like minded mates in the pub on a Friday night, an American professor going to the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration would like to hear his somewhat negative opinion of these people.

  7. Charger Salmons

    I often wonder how quickly those defending Travellers would change their tune should a gang of them park their caravans outside their house.
    Quicker than saying ” Kevin Myers is a racist ” I vouchsafe.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      There has been literally no reference to travellers at all here. Not one, you obsessed weirdo.

    2. Gorev Mahagut

      “should a gang of them park their caravans outside their house”
      “should a gang of them sell you a horse and it turn out to be lame”
      “should a gang of them steal a baby out of the pram”
      “should a gang of them seduce your daughter and sell her to the white slavers”
      “should a gang of them buy your mortgage of the bank and evict you”

      1. Nigel

        “should a gang of them notice you left the headlights on and knock on the door to tell you”
        “should a gang of them water your plants and feed the pets while you’re away”
        “should a gang of them get together to buy you a birthday present of a ride in an airplane”
        “should a gang of them give you a lift to the hospital when your kid gets hurt but your wife is way with the car”
        “should a gang of them loan you a box-set of the third season of Game Of Thrones without giving you any spoilers”

        1. Milo

          Yeah Nige, you big cuddly Knight you. Cos that happens all the time with travellers But then again, we shouldn’t be stereotyping- could get us fired.

  8. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Seriously, does the Irish Times have NOTHING to do?

    I’m boycotting that Roma pasta from now on.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      No harm. It’s awful. Barilla or DeCecco. An Eye-talian told me that.

    1. Hans Landa

      He’s not wrong.

      She’s clearly making it up just like her makey-upey professorship of bull plop.

      Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed it’s gender

  9. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    ‘Those People Who Steal And Beg’ – but enough about Irish banks and the construction industry

  10. Nick

    So now we live in a world where pointing out the bleeding obvious is racist!
    In all fairness though yer man should have kept his mouth shut.

  11. Painkiller

    She invited this reaction by responding to a general question with a strong, emotive statement. She effectively attacked the perception of Romani people in Ireland in a hostile manner – a response that was not matter-of-fact as an official should expect in such an interaction. If she spoke like that to a US Immigration Officer she would have been dealt with very differently. He engaged her point by assuring this reputation has been well-earned.

    A fair point was made above about Irish drinking tendencies. Is it fairer to throw a casual accusation at a relatively diverse nation of 4.5m people (many of whom are life-long pioneers or moderate drinkers) than it is to conclude that the commonplace behaviour of a close ethnic community of 3000 people (the majority of whom arrived in Ireland after 2007) is often criminal and desperate, and widely experienced. If the Irish have earned their reputation, then the Romani have certainly earned theirs.

    1. Painkiller

      Whatever happened to the notion that you reap the harvest you have sewn – i.e. consequence. Or is that just continuation of the good old Catholic guilt for the natives.

      A different set of rules applied when the church abuse stories broke, when entire communities were implicated in the narrative of “silence is consent” that media has played out – and rightly so to an extent.

      One rule for the many, another rule for the few.

    2. Cian

      Painkiller – now you are not being fair. I could say:

      Is it fairer to throw a serious accusation at a close ethnic community of 3000 people (many of whom are law abiding citizens) than it is to conclude that the commonplace behaviour of a community of 4.5 million people that drink to excess, and widely experienced.

      In both cases you are painting everyone with the same brush. All you are doing is reinforcing the stereotypes.

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      What sort of dumb comment is that? Martin Luther King was into the whole racism because he was a Yank?

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