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From top: The Toc watch and its co-creator, Will Monaghan

Dublin-based start-up Toc Watch went online recently to fund their hand-wound, Bauhaus-inspired timepieces.

How did that go?

Ian Matthews, of the Irish Entrepreneur Blog, writes:

Will Monaghan, from Trim, Co Meath, along with his co-founder Max Dehne, have achieved something many Irish start ups only dream of. They fully funded their Kickstarter campaign in under 24 hours.

I spoke to Will to hear about his experience of starting Toc Watch and his advice for making your own Irish Kickstarter success story.

No thicks, in fairness.

Irish Kickstarter Success: Interview With Co-Founder of Toc Watch (Irish Entrepreneur Blog)

Toc watch (Kickstarter)

7 thoughts on “Start-Up Of The Day

  1. Bonyarsedbogman`

    Rodina and Tissell have been making this watch for yonks. Even their product is a copy of a very nice Nomos watch with a cheaper chinese Seagull movement.
    The Nomos watch is a beautiful piece, in house developed movement, Quality leather strap. The entrepreneuring here is simply marketing a cheaply produced chinese product.

  2. Increasing Displacement

    I got an Imbue on Kickstarter.
    A year late.
    Scalded many people.
    But not me.
    I hope these do better…It’s a lovely watch

  3. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    The funding levels are too high.

    Tpyical Irish startup..

    As for the UX – why not just download the watchfaces? USP is too restrictive.

    Plus in the age when we’re moaning about battery life, handwound?

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