Meanwhile, In Limerick


In the Limerick Leader

Fintan Walsh reports:

Gardaí will soon be able to use mobile phones to access CCTV footage, record statements and check vehicle registrations, thanks to an app the Limerick division is piloting.

Speaking after a joint policing committee meeting at City Hall, Supt Derek Smart said that the ambitious scheme is “at a very advanced stage” and is being driven by Chief Supt David Sheahan.

Another feature being considered by the gardaí is the installation of CCTV access in garda patrol vehicles.

…Explaining the app’s concept, Supt Smart told the Leader last Friday: “If I am in the patrol car I will be able to check, if I see a car in front of me, I can put the reg number into my phone and I can check it. I don’t have to ring people inside in Henry Street to check it.

“You will be able to do it out and about on the street. There will be all apps built into specific phones in regard to it. It basically replaces the notebook. But it becomes a modern tool as well. You can go back into the station, you dock your phone, you download into the system and it is recorded there.”

New garda app piloted in Limerick (Limerick Leader)

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19 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Limerick

  1. phil

    Powerful technology… people may be concerned that this type of technology could be abused , but I think we can trust the Gardai , after all they swore an oath …

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Whatever about phoning, inputting text while driving isn’t safe. Or are they trained in that?

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Maybe the guard in the passenger seat, the one who holds the chipper bag, operates it.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            hmm…. it’s almost as if I’ve just stumbled upon your and Mildred’s pet names for one another.

  3. Hank

    I thought they’ve had ANPR systems in Ireland for a few years. Obviously not.
    Or not in Limerick anyway

  4. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Supt Derek Smart….
    …at a very advanced stage…

    Your joke is too elaborate to be taken seriously.
    You’re trying too hard.

  5. SB

    Sounds good – as long as it’s password protected or secured in another way (without a yellow sticky on the back of the phone with the password), and, most importantly, with a full audit trail of who accessed what, perhaps automatically taking a selfie when used, in case someone says “oh it wasn’t me that accessed Clare Daly’s movements, someone must have hacked me phone”.

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