New Old Customs


Ah here.

Hopeless Surfer tweetz

Just about to cross the border into Northern Ireland and I can tell you that their hi-tech frictionless border trial actually works!

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8 thoughts on “New Old Customs

        1. Sham Bob

          What about movement of people? Since one purpose of Brexit was to prevent immigraton, they’ll have to either stop people getting in at the border or, allow them into NI and prevent them entering the rest of the UK at NI’s ports/airports.

  1. Kolmo

    The DUP were paid by shadowy US groups to push for Brexit, even though it went against most of their own members business interests, blinded by Union Jackism they have dug themselves into a hole so big it’s hard to see a way out for them, one solution could be that they just accept that they are as Irish as the rest of us on the Island and re-evaluate the laughable view of their own self-importance….like the way they wanted their cattle designated as Irish as to remove them from the BSE sitchiayshun in Britain, (maybe unwittingly betraying a view of what is Irish to them..animals and ‘natives’)..they’ll do it if it hits their pocket..dopes – a new border in Ireland will wreck the place.

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