Alan Kelly at the last General Election in 2016

Combustible Tippperary TD Alan Kelly sat down with Jason O’Toole of Hot Press magazine, on shelves from today.

How did that go?

On political mergers:

“I would like to see the Social Democrats, in particular, and the Labour Party coming together.There should be a natural coming together. They have many fine members. It’s hard to distinguish between Social Democrats and Labour. And there’s others: there’s Independents and people across other parties.

And really for the future of social democrats — which we all are — and the future of democratic socialists, really, there needs to be that coming together to forge a block not just in Leinster House but across the country.”

The 8th Amendment:

“I don’t tolerate the two phrases: pro-choice or the other extreme of pro-life. I’m in favour of getting rid of the Eighth Amendment and I’m in favour of legislating for the rights of women. A lot of these choices should be based on the relationship between a woman and her doctor, in consultation with her family.”

Marijuana for recreational purposes:

“Yeah, I think that’s something we could look at. But under certain conditions: because if you legalise it for medicinal purposes you’re opening a can of worms anyway. So, you might as well look at it in a broader sense. You’d have to look at volumes: what would be allowable and all that.”

More power:

“I’d love to be Taoiseach. If you’re going to answer that question: you should also put down what I really mean is that I’d love to maximise where the Labour Party gets to. That’s more important to me. I don’t want another headline: ‘Power is a Drug… It’s Suits Me!’ ‘Alan Kelly Wants To Be Taoiseach!’ For God’s sake!”

Water crisis

“This country is going to suffer as a result of the populist stance of people when it comes to water. Three quarters of people in Ireland were paying for water. And for one spin on the merry-go-round, Fine Gael abandoned all principle and got into bed with the most irresponsible politician in Ireland in Barry Cowen.”


EXCLUSIVE: Labour’s Alan Kelly Opens Up About His Time In Government, Water Charges, Jobstown, and Labour’s Future (Hot Press)

Alan Kelly urges Labour to merge with Social Democrats (Irish Examiner)

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26 thoughts on “High Again

  1. phil

    3/4 I thought it was discovered lately that its was 1/4 paid and the government and Irish water have been lying ?

  2. gepo the great

    “It’s hard to distinguish between Social Democrats and Labour” .. this statement should be true, but it’s not, because Labour are in no way a socialist party anymore, not by a long way.

  3. Mysterybeat

    His waffle hasn’t changed anyway. Marijuana: Yes, but no.
    8th: No, but yes.
    Social Dems: We need fresh/former blood again since we’re currently unelectable.
    The only place he was strong was where his own ego is concerned.

      1. DavH

        Lowry, to be fair, knows how to play the parish pump game, and play it well, without having articles written about his lust for power.

  4. Praetorian

    He only got in by the skin of his teeth after five or six recounts last election…with any luck him and his contemptuous arrogance will get gate next election.Vile individual.

  5. Turgenev

    “legislating for the rights of women…

    “her doctor, in consultation with her family…”

    So not the rights of women at all then. Fatherly, wise people will decide for the girleens.

    As for legalisation of marijuana, the only country that’s solved its drug problem is Portugal, which decriminalised across the board and changed the approach to addiction and drug sales to treating it as a medical problem. Thus cutting away the profit of violent, dangerous, unethical criminals. And freeing up national money and resources to fund education, health, infrastructure.

    Why not do the same here? Or is there some financial reason not to do so?

  6. frank

    Women who choose to kill their child by abortion are automatically excommunicated by the catholic church.
    For non-believers this is of no apparent concern; yet.
    For those who do understand and do believe, it is an unconscionable and wholly insupportable act.

    1. Praetorian

      …and what way does it work for the child who ‘kills’ its mother during birth…can they still get communion in later years.

    2. kellma

      Killing a “child” is murder frank. We are not talking about children here. But don’t let medical facts get in the way of logical discussion. The earth is flat and water can be turned into wine (if you add fermented grapes etc.)

  7. Truth in the News

    The more he spoofs on, he is beginning to look like the Irish version of Trump
    He would also want to realize that for the last forty years the people having been
    paying for water services through VAT and Motor Vehicle Tax, not forgetting all
    the funding that came from Europe, where did it all go, it never fixed the leaks
    which in many instances are over 50 %……why pay a third time, was it not to
    create a scenario that a strategic asset could be sold off.
    What we have trotting around are gang of political liquidators who have already
    exhibited their handiwork with NAMA

  8. rob

    I find Kelly’s comments about the SDs bizarre – sure the people in that party are all ex-Labour who couldn’t stand what the party became in government. Why would they have anything to do with Labour now?

  9. Gabby

    Is Hot Press the in-place for posting personal election manifestoes? If candidates shove free copies of Hot Press through my letter box I’ll gladly read the contents, but vote for somebody else.
    I also read Ireland’s Own, the Sacred Heart Messenger, and Mad Magazine. Beat that for cosmopolitan reading.

  10. :-Joe

    Judean peoples front or People’s front of judea?…

    Who cares?.. Whatever it really means and if you think about it… Kellly loves it too… and no problem because he’ll fix it all for you too…

    Labour are flat-lined and need some kind of shock, surgery and maybe a voodoo ritual or excorcism to resurrect and reanimate them. if you vote for them in the next election cycle you are just wasting your time. It’ll will be a similar catastrophic failure to milli-blandness and the british labour party’s confused identity campaign against the pig-fupper and the tory’s who ran away with it in the end..

    Our unelected west-brit tory leodar will succeed based on general ignorance and a more colourful and youthful brand image or just as worse while in fact being the same thing…

    Montgomery Burns will finally get his undeserved turn at the wheel for the other half of the fine to fail FF/FG coalition party.

    Vote for local independant candidates in your area and let them sort out these issues with their basic individual common sense when they get into the dail and keep pressure on them to be accountable and responsible to your mandate,.

    We need a system which facilitates diversity through direct democracy for the public first and not more party political nonsense run by privelaged dynasties that are backed by foreign corporate financial intitutions who operate against the public interest.

    & How in the name of fupp has there not already been an election date announced so we get to decide if we want a thatcherite or someone else?..


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