You May Like This: Pursued By Dogs



Pursued By DogsIceland

Dublin five piece’s new single following their searing debut release ‘A Tunnel’.

Pete Murphy writes:

The video for Iceland is animated and directed by young Kilkenny-based animator, Suzanne Williams and is taken from Suzanne’s short film ‘Terrain‘,

The video follows the short life of a small creature becoming a force of its own in a sparse landscape. The band fell in love with Suzanne’s work after accidentally happening across ‘Terrain’ online…

Pursued By Dog (Facebook)

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8 thoughts on “You May Like This: Pursued By Dogs

  1. badatmemes

    Bono’s lawyers are sharpening their pencils and licking their lips.
    I hope you don’t excite them, but wish you the best.

    Your music is as bad as U2!
    …And that will probably end in a courtroom.

    1. badatmemes

      A crime against Humanity, or a crime againsta massive corporation.
      Choose one.

      Change direction. Plagarise something better or stop.

        1. badatmemes

          The best Irish band to emulate, plagarise, or just imitate is My Bloody Valentine.
          They’re also the easiest…
          (Ask your Auntie’s cool ex-boyfriends.)

  2. badatmemes

    I love to see new talent.
    These lads are better than this.

    Confidence is the key, lads.
    You have the basics, develop yur SKILLZ.
    Stop being a cheeseburger. Be a BigMac.

    If you need a manager…

    1. badatmemes

      Wait a minute…
      What you need is a front man.
      A really ‘old’ bloke, perhaps…
      Angry, political…
      Spittin’ lyrics in the symmetrical.
      Bad at rhyming, etc…

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