Some Vans Are Bigger Than Others



This afternoon.

Killarney, County Kerry.

Jerry O’Sullivan writes:

Pimped out van rental company Wicked Campers – Good craic or casual misogyny?

Their Australian branch got in a bit of warm water down under for it a few years back but not for the misogyny mind you…

10 thoughts on “Some Vans Are Bigger Than Others

  1. b

    it’s disgraceful fat chicks are discriminated against in the kidnapping industry, whatever can we do?

  2. Owen

    but you’d have ta catch an atletic buurd. A good eatin buurd could be caught in a food trap. like with donuts or sumtin.


    Its fupping stoopid.

  3. snorlax

    Misogyny is a pathological hatred of women, this is is an example of sexism, please stop letting the transition year work experience kid type your articles.

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