Ian writes:

I was at Dublin Airport on Saturday. Someone used a nearby ATM and left without taking their money. I reported this and was told that they have done something to the ATMs and this has become something of “thing”.

Apparently all I can do is report it to the Airport Police. I thought I’d mention it on here and see if I can’t reunite the person with their hard-earned…


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10 thoughts on “Cash Found

  1. Spud

    Had you actually left the money in the compartment, it would have taken it back in around 20 seconds or so later, and would have credited it back to the persons account a few days later after the recs are ran!

    Gonna be very hard to track down whoever owned it now.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Wasn’t there a case recently that someone was fiddling the ATMs by withdrawing a large amount, but leaving one note in the machine, fooling it into taking the last note back but crediting the full amount back to his account?

  2. b34mer

    99% sure ATMs have a failsafe that if you don’t take the cash out, it get’s taken back into the machine automatically. Best thing to do in this scenario if you can’t see the person is just wait a minute or so and the person’s account should be re-credited with the funds.

  3. John Murphy

    I’d suggest reporting it to the Gardaí at the airport, not the airport police. If you retained the money to pass onto the authorities , it’s a legal requirement to pass it onto the Gardaí. It’ll be yours if not collected by its rightful owner within a year and a day. The Garda Station is next to the old terminal. (On your left hand side after you pass by the departures level of Terminal 1).

  4. dave g k


    What system are you operating here? Does it have to be exact or will nearest to the amount do?

  5. edalicious

    Surely it should be fairly straightforward for the bank to see who took out the specific amount at the time.Have you contacted the bank yet?

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