‘It’s Not Known When This Case Will Ever End’


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In a statement released by Darragh Mackin, solicitor for Ibrahim Halawa, Mr Mackin said:

“Today’s news is truly devastating for our client and his family. Regrettably, this is not the first time the case has been due to conclude when a last-minute, unexpected and unjustified decision is taken to delay the case further. We are now four years on, with each day and each false dawn having a hugely significant mental and physical impact on our client’s health.

“It is not known when this case will ever end. Such irrational and unpredictable decisions cannot be allowed to continue, and in particular when they operate in a vacuum of lawfulness depriving our client of his basic rights.”

Ibrahim’s sister Somaia Halawa said:

“It is truly upsetting and heart-breaking to constantly keep having our expectations and hopes shattered into a million pieces. It is not just Ibrahim’s life that is being played around with but also the entire family’s life. We would ask that our family are allowed some time to ourselves during this difficult period.”

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35 thoughts on “‘It’s Not Known When This Case Will Ever End’

  1. postmanpat

    They would be better off bribing a guard and arranging an escape at this stage. Like those 3 innocent Irish men who got caught just hanging around with Farc rebels in Columbia years ago and defiantly weren’t IRA men . Or maybe Father Halawa could arrange a swap, himself for his son?

    1. anne

      The IRA would be more legit than this farce that’s going on with the trial.

      If he was protesting & it’s not allowed in Egypt, have yer bloody trial & get on with it..

    1. Rob_G

      I knew it!!
      – even when it was Egyptian military junta, I knew it was actually the fault of Fine Gael.

        1. martco

          yes of course :)
          there’s absolutely nil chance that the level of actual hard effort being made to secure his release is connected to our reacquiring of access to the Egyptian beef market atall atall

          isn’t soft diplomacy is a great yoke altogether…funny how the Australians seem to have no problem in that regard and get what they want…course you’d have to want it in the first place presumably


          1. Rob_G

            I think that you and Clare Daly both are overestimating the diplomatic sway of the beef industry.

            Also, the optics if the Australian case lent itself more to a quick negotiated solution (locking up a group of journalists en masse, vs locking a group of people who may or may not have been protesting against the regime en masse).

          2. martco

            it’s not a matter of using the beef deal to provide leverage its more the opposite really I’m getting at…I’m supposing that they’re afraid of their poo (doing the spellcheck for ye there BS) to disturb whatever bit of business they’ve re-established…

            Lookit I think there’s a load of nonsense being spun around this scenario, fupp all effort being made in actual practical terms by likes of Flanagan…and Coveney never one to miss a PR shot is all with the heartfelt “frustration” etc.

            Reading back on all the documented efforts it’s poor and I guarantee you if it was some relative of a sitting TD from any party be it FG or FF it would have been sorted long ago.

            I just wish politicians would talk straight that’s all.

      1. bisted

        …nah…nothing whatsoever to do with the blueshirts…it was crooked Hillary who facilitated this military coup and overthrow of another democratically elected government…mind you, having Shannon as an airbase probably helped and having so many ‘friends of israel’ at the cabinet table could do no harm…

          1. bisted

            …I think when it comes to precipitating regime change in the Middle East and fomenting violence where arabs kill arabs the US and zionists are pretty much the same…Netanyahu/crooked Hillary were different sides of the same coin…just go out to the consulate in Dublin and you’ll see how cosy they are…

          2. bisted

            …not sure what you mean ‘cabal’…the local cabal of zionist apologists at cabinet were led by Shatter and included fellow ‘friends of israel’ ministers Ruaire Quinn and Charlie Flanagan…but then you knew that…

          1. bisted

            …wrong again…not the jews, the zionists…everyone else knows the difference…I suspect you do really…

      2. Frilly Keane

        ah well if that’s what we’re playing

        throw a couple of Gleesons in there too

        we have get them blamed for sum’ting

    1. A snowflake's chance in hell

      You sound like a lad who never missed a dinner Eamonn
      probably had seconds and dessert as well

  2. Jake38

    “We would ask that our family are allowed some time to ourselves during this difficult period.”

    Good idea. Off you go.

  3. Catherinecostelloe

    Hey Simon…..talk of frustration, can I refer you to the death of Patrick Nugent, the death of Fr Molloy, death of Jim Goonan, the death of Shane Tuohy . Families in the Republic since 1985 looking for justice and ye in government buildings giving victims families the run around. The brass neck of you!! You have some cheek to be preaching to another government!! Lucia o Farrell is waiting for a GSOC report into death of her son since early 2012 so naff off bleating, please.

    1. ahjayzis

      Yeah m1nistur cuvney ur a disgryce hw dar u b talkn bow a yungfleh intrnde in dat dur ejipt wen durs udr stf tijvnq 3j v[1 !!!1ON1!¬

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