A Limerick A Day


 Joshua Witt (above) has been arrested after admitting he made up knife attack

An American simpleton, Witt
Has proved he’s a bit of a tit
When the tale of his time
As a victim of crime
Went viral, but failed to cut it.

John Moynes

Montage via Gizmondo

35 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Eric cartman

    Are you going to start posting the stories about all the feminists and antifa members that lie about being attacked ? when they get found out nobody seems to mention anything.

      1. Nigel

        Fascists: started world war 2, systemically murdered millions in death factories, marching again under guard of heavily armed milutia, in praise of Trump and waving free speech as a banner of convenience.

        Antifa: some of them sometimes punch Nazis.

        I don’t support punching anyone except in self defence but the strenuous efforts to create an equivalence is risible and totally to the benefit of the far right.

        I suspect there are no end of feminists and antifa inventing fake attacks over at the likes of Breitbart and the Daily Stormer. Can’t imagine why they don’t get more prominence.

        1. Zuppy International

          The only false equivalence here Nigel is you and the Libsilly media trying to conflate conservatives with Nazis.

          Unlike you conservatives don’t feel the need to lie to get attention.

          Breitbart is one of the largest news sites in the US. It has no connection to Daily Stormer except in your head.

          Charlottesville was a set up, likely by the same Hungarian ex-Nazi who gives financial aid to the Irish Abortion Huggers.

          Now, get angry and start calling me names (that’s how I’ll know my points have hit home).

          1. LW

            He didn’t conflate Nazis and conservatives.

            Bannon said Breitbart was the platform for the alt-right, Daily Stormer claimed to be the most visited alt-right website. So they’re both self declared alt-right.

            The last point is so fantastical I assume the next step on your journey is David Icke and the lizard people.

          2. LW

            I haven’t made anything up, I refer you to Zuppy above, I think the two of you could be the best of friends

          3. LW

            He said Charlottesville was a set up, that’s where the girl was killed? What did I invent? You’re a confusing character

          4. jusayinlike

            Antifa were demonstrating, soros funds antifa, the only mental gymnastics being performed here are by you..

          5. LW

            You see, that’s a lot more straightforward than a ‘set-up’, which leads me to believe you an Zuppy are singing from different hymn sheets

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