Anyone For A Galaxy Eclair?


Cosmic treats from Musse Confectionary in Kiev, Ukraine: vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel or chocolate-flavoured, presumably fresh cream-filled choux pastries covered with a swirling, star-speckled, deep space glaze.


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25 thoughts on “Anyone For A Galaxy Eclair?

    1. Ellen

      I hate éclair with fresh cream plain like we can find ouside France. Sorry but in éclairs it’s flavored custard ! And it’s so yummy !!!!

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Frilly. Creme pat.

          You know it. Put on your GBBO hat. Creme pat is the way to go. Delicious and light, with a rich layered creaminess.

          If you get it right, that is. We all know what happens when it goes wrong.

          1. Boj

            ah, is that what it’s called! I never made it myself but will try now I know what to look for.

            Frilly: It’s my mammy who puts the custard in my eclair…teeheehee

          2. Boj

            Me mammy is the only bird in the kitchen, she makes everything from scratch. I reckon creme pat is what she makes, now I looked it up. I’ll buy a bottle off ya and I could do a taste test on them…mmm

  1. Eamonn Moran

    For some weird reason Eastern Europeans don’t put cream in their pastries. its just wrong

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