A Limerick A Day


Pollution on the Tolka at Drumcondra’s Griffith Park, Dublin 9 in 2014

For years now out waters have been
So dirty it’s downright obscene
It can’t be disputed
They’re far too polluted
Oh when will our rivers run clean?

John Moynes

Pic via Ciaran Cuffe

5 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. dave g k

    Dat’s de Bots ye muppets.

    Translates: That is a photo of the Tolka flowing through the Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin, and not Griffith Park, Drumcondra. The Rose Garden is featured on the right.

    1. medieval knievel

      not just the farmers – AFAIK, one problem the tolka faces is that a lot of the drains in D15 drain into it – including from kitchens, and that detergent can cause algal blooms which depletes oxygen levels.

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