56 thoughts on “People Like Us

  1. The-bag

    Some people earn more money than you and therefore can afford better goods and services. No need to sneer.

    1. scottser

      most people who earn shedloads have wealthy parents and a better head start than most. the idea that those who work hard accumulate the most wealth is risible. as the old joke goes:

      employer: wow boss that’s a cool new car you’ve got.
      boss: yes, and if you work hard, come in early and leave late and do more than is expected of you then i’ll get an even cooler one!

        1. scottser

          how much did daddy pay for your education then?
          does the sense of entitlement they teach you cost extra?

          1. biguy

            What a surprise that educated people value education! Is it a fault to be born to wealthy parents?

          2. scottser

            well biguy, it’s a waste of an education if all you did with it was accumulate more wealth for the already wealthy. want to know what i did my MA? 15 years housing homeless people, that’s what. so what did you do with yours?

          3. Anomanomanom

            See there’s the entitlement, you feel you can put down people because your ENTITLED to feel superior because of what you did in college.

          4. rotide

            People who have an education and put that to use for creating even more wealth for their family aren’t wasting the education, just using it for a purpose you disaprove of.

            Being unable to see this logic means that the MA was wasted on you though.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Being unable to see this logic means that the MA was wasted on you though.”

            Lol! Rotide and Clamps should be best pallsies.

          6. biguy

            Scottser, that’s great, well done on your MA. I don’t have an MA, I have two MScs and a PhD. Admittedly, not in anything as useful as housing homeless people, though I did side-step from my original area(s) of interest and now work in cancer research. I don’t think education is really ever wasted, the waste is when it is available but not valued.

        1. scottser

          well rotide, my prejudices against those with an inherited sense of entitlement runs deep. as it does against our very own taoiseach for example whose rich parents paid for a trinity education and now he looks down on you and me both with the same condescending eye. you really should pay attention to whose ‘prejudices and inadequecies’ are going to affect you more. the other two fukwit posters above are beyond salvage, you however should know better.

          1. Rob_G

            Trinity isn’t fee-paying for Irish students, so I am pretty sure that Leo got his education there for free.

            If you had have gotten enough points in your Leaving Cert, you could have gone for free, too.

          2. Frilly Keane

            I wholly agree with my prejudices against those with an inherited sense of entitlement runs deep
            but as I posted in a previous Frill Bit

            its not fair that you should insist that those who have a better start are all like Leo and Simon

            so stop
            its offensive to me
            and others I know

          3. rotide

            What in gods name has the taoiseach got to do with anything?

            So you are an obsessive stalker as well as prejudiced?

          4. scottser

            ah rotide, you talk of prejudice like it’s a bad thing and here you are flaunting yours in all your glory. you too are an unsalvagable fupwit.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        “the idea that those who work hard accumulate the most wealth is risible. as the old joke goes:”

        Truth. Right wingers live in a fairy tale.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Look at all these peasants speaking up for the landed gentry. This country is fupped.

  2. Jake38

    Actually the most Irish Times headline ever was “World to end tomorrow. Most vulnerable to be particularly hard hit”.

  3. Barry the Hatchet

    These pieces make my blood boil. If you’re going to give free advertising to property vendors, in the midst of a massive fupping housing crisis, at least have to decency to feature houses that your readers might actually be able to afford.

    1. Rob_G

      Some people like looking at photos of these expensive houses, see how the other half lives; it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but there you go.

      If you don’t like it, just avoid the property pages, along with Róisín Ingle, Breda O’Brien, and Rite and Reason.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Yes and if they start posting columns from people who write about how the Jews are a problem for society. just ignore it. Some people like fantasising about ethnic cleansing. Just because it’s not your up of tea, you don’t have the right to express your opinion about it.

      2. Co C.

        Yeah, there was a time when they were doing pieces like “houses on view under €400,000” or “what €300,000 can get you, city and country”. But they must not have been getting the clicks.

    2. TheRichList

      I can afford it.
      Actually, come to think of it, I already have a house in Ranelagh which I rent out for a reasonable fee.

    1. Scoops4all

      Frilly do you work for a certain well known agricultural journal and appear regularly on dinny FM?

  4. Owen

    Let me get this straight:

    If its a dump with a crying chair that costs a bomb, everyone is angry at the cowboy owner.
    If its not a dump in a nicer area that costs a bomb, everyone is angry at the snobbery.

    I see a common theme between them both. Anyone else?

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      Don’t be deliberately obtuse, Owen. No one is angry because the house is nice. People are angry because the Irish Times news and opinion sections decry the housing crisis, poverty, inequality and the terrible behaviour and policies that created the economic crisis we are just emerging from, whilst the property section simultaneously promotes incredibly expensive luxury properties that the vast majority of the population cannot (and will not ever be able to) afford. It’s hypocrisy and it’s bullmanure.

    1. BINGO

      Yep, I thought that very thought as I boarded the Luas this morning.
      We are being made fools of.

      Wouldn’t it be great if the whole country went on strike?

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