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  1. snowey

    lovely idea but the quays at it’s current width is a nightmare for traffic,.
    adding in a cycle lane will only make things insane – from those pics I’m not sure the road is wide enough

  2. Jonjo

    The quays have just been changed and the cycle lane in the above proposal is now the only private vehicle lane along that stretch from Ormond Quay to Eden Quay.

    1. Cian

      Yes, it is safer to be in a separate cycle lane away from the traffic (without a helmet) than alongside the traffic (with a helmet).

      1. Boj

        Let me ask you this; imagine a safe cycling environment away from scary road users and then, if you fall and you bash the back of your skull on the pavement, would you rather be wearing a helmet or not?

        1. ___

          Cycling is inherently no more dangerous than walking. Why do the Dutch not wear helmets? It’s because they are perfectly fine without them.

          Curiously enough, a huge proportion of head injuries occur inside cars. Motorists should wear the same helmets as F1 drivers, surely.

        2. BobbyJ

          Let me ask you this; imagine a safe walking environment away from scary road users and then, if you fall and you bash the back of your skull on the pavement, would you rather be wearing a helmet or not?

          1. Boj

            I cannot believe people are defending *not* wearing a helmet…but want to cost everyone a fortune to rip up the roads and create an entirely new infrastructure in our capital in the name of “safety”.
            I would class a helmet to be just as critical as a seat belt.
            Does your kid not need a helmet either or is that ‘different’?

          2. Boj

            So no helmets for BobbyJ’s kids…fair enough.
            helmet = less dangerous is what I am saying, to write head protection off is just reckless. “But doctor, I thought that was debunked…a long long time ago”

          3. BobbyJ

            No, what you’re saying is ‘I don’t want money spent on redesigning the city to the benefit of all because I think people on bikes should wear helmets’.

            & you never answered my question. Do you think people, kids included, should wear helmets when walking?

          4. Increasing Displacement

            People walking are travelling slowly a few km/h ye thick.
            Cyclists belt down those quays at 30km/h+
            Even at 20km/h you are wearing insufficient protection
            Helmets all the way…saved my head once already


          5. Boj

            Ha, you asked a question? If I saw a question I would have answered it. Anyway, to answer your new question, I would say NO to wearing a helmet for walking, but yes when on a bike. You say NO to both activities because ‘there’s no point’ is the attitude I’m getting from you. I hope you or your children don’t come off your bike, safe cycling.

          6. BobbyJ

            ‘Helmets all the way’ is not the way to go. Compare cycling in the Netherlands and Denmark to cycling in Australia and see for yourself.

            Feel free to wear a helmet while biking, it is your choice, but injured cyclists are less likely to have head injuries than injured pedestrians or car occupants. I can’t understand why people only advocate for helmet use among people on bikes.

          7. BobbyJ


            If you check again you will see that I did previously ask a question.

            Thanks for the well wishes and safe walking/cycling/motoring to you and yours.

    2. Cian

      If you go to a city that provides sensible cycle infrastructure, like Amsterdam, you’ll see that (most) people don’t wear helmets.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        Most people travel slowly in Amsterdam along heavily trafficked routes with trams pedestrians and cars mingled. You dont see the lycra clad silly billy belting through traffic breaking lights over there at all. In fact most the bikes you do see are of a particular type unsuited to such speeds

    1. stephen

      DCC have been planning this for 5 years and have submitted 12 separate proposals or variations of the route. How is it not well thought out?

      1. Increasing Displacement

        Because the DCC have been involved for 5 years
        Thought that would be self explanatory

  3. Gay Tea Shop

    Why not just fill in the Liffey FFS. Who uses it except @Labour to waste money on bridges names after some minor identification politics narrative legend du jour.

    Alternatively ban cars.

  4. Diddy

    Was cycling down the Kay’s yesterday. Most motorists were ignoring the bus lane from Liffey st down towards o Connell bridge

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