Johnny Keenan writes:

It is with a heavy heart that unfortunately we have to postpone our End Of Summer Vibe/One Love Concert scheduled for this Sunday, September 10 in the open air Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre in  Kilkenny.

The reason that I decided to pull the plug was based on two factors. The first and most importantly was the weather. It’s 95% forecast of rain and also to be cold. This is not at all conducive to the vibe we want to generate.

Although there is so much good will for the event ticket sales have not being forthcoming. So the reasoning behind this is that people have decided to see what the weather is like on Sunday.

As we have so much good people giving their time and talents for little or no monetary gain we have taken the tough decision to postpone until early summer 2018.

The residents in Direct Provision Centres in The South East at Waterford and Tramore are disappointed that the concert will not go ahead but are happy that something will be organised in 2018.

This will give us more time to highlight the plight of people in Direct Provision and hopefully this time next year Direct Provision will be dealt with for the betterment of everyone.

In the meantime please support the initative of Kilkenny Solidarity Dinners who have being doing fantastic work in organising some great afternoons with our brothers and sisters in Direct Provision.

Promoter Stephen Garland who was also to benefit from this event has got some good news. He will now go to Russia for his much needed surgery this November. So for anyone who wants to sponsor Stephen please do so by visiting his website

We have got so much support locally and nationally with this event. In order to do it justice we will look forward and move forward together for making OneLoveKK 2018 a reality.

Thanks to the following for their support and goodwill.

All the Crew at Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre, Martin Leahy for designing poster. Perfecto Print Kilkenny, Rollercoaster Records Kilkenny, The Book Centre Kilkenny, KCLR fm, The Kilkenny People, The Kilkenny Reporter, The Kilkenny Journal, Lucky Khambule MASI (Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland),, Residents in Direct Provision Centres in Waterford and Tramore. Oliva Lyng, Gareth Hanlon, Sandrine Dunlop, Geraldine Fahy, Emmanuel & Nic at Kilkennny Solidarity Dinners and for everyone else who i’ve missed who has got behind this event and will get behind it again in 2018.

25 thoughts on “Love Postponed

  1. Bookworm

    What a shambles.

    You’ve a good heart Johnny but maybe next time try having a back up venue and a corporate sponsor onboard so you’re not expecting artists and creatives to work for you for nothing – not very alt.left of you mate.

    1. Mysterybeat

      Sounds like you’re an experienced events organiser. Maybe next time you’ll offer your services to help Johnny in advance. I’m sure he’d appreciate it as much as the retrospective commentary you’ve given here.

      1. Bookworm

        Yes I am as it happens.
        I don’t recall Johnny seeking help here, he just sort of announced it earlier in the week as I recall but of course I’d be glad to offer him assistance.

        Why the snarky tone as a matter of interest? Do you think artists and creatives should be able to earn a living wage or should just be duped doing god bless has for misguided Louis Walsh wannabes who believe me, are ten a penny on this island?

        1. Mysterybeat

          Good stuff. The sarky tone is because 90% of the time,
          the response is some keyboard hero who knows nothing about the subject, but wants to humiliate the person who is trying to do something positive.
          If I misjudged your response, I apologise.
          Johnny, maybe you should hook up with Bookworm for the next shot at this.

        2. Johnny Keenan

          If ya wanted to help you could have. Very easy contact me. People need to stand up and be counted. Waiting to be asked is hardly an excuse for sitting on the fence faceless and nameless.
          Ya should come on the telly tonight and tell me exactly why I’m a fupp up

    2. Johnny Keenan

      Bookworm your talking non truths here. What indication or evidence do you have that I messed acts around. I could have had a venue backed up but if people aren’t buying tickets I can’t mess around with people’s lively hoods. I had to make a call and I made it.

    1. Bookworm

      Yea surprising that Johnny did not include any information on his refund policy maybe you are not supposed to look for your money back as that would be like not sufficiently righteous or something?

      1. Frilly Keane

        No need to
        I just took a personal call from Ticket Master confirming my full refund

        so ya know
        don’t be so quick to point
        unless you’re keeping one’ve those fingers for yourself

      2. Johnny Keenan

        Bookworm as there was 11 tickets bought it’s fairly easy trace who bought them.
        So I don’t know your agenda but it’s becoming clear you are trying to discredit me in many ways. So either come clean or fupp off.

    2. Johnny Keenan

      Hi Aoife
      Can you tell me when you bought them?
      The Book Centre Kilkenny will give back 100% refunds

  2. Robert

    I wouldn’t have heard of this only for Broadsheet, and the first I heard of it was Broadsheet on the telly. I took to google straight away and could find nothing! It’s such a pity because this sounded like a really great event for so many reasons, one which I would have tried to attend regardless of the weather.

    Please please try and organise it again for next summer!

    1. Brother Barnabas

      + lots

      It’s a great idea, Johnny. And well worth holding on to. Perhaps it was a bit rushed/short notice?
      How about Paddy’s Day – on our day of national celebration, no harm having a gentle reminder that things aren’t all rosy just yet.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    It was a lovely idea Johnny – never enough reggae and/or Dub concerts! And charitable too. But the come together regardless of race or creed really irked me – why would you need to say that as an entry message?
    Anyway, weather is weather and a picnic in Ireland is in a car. G’luck with the re-scheduling. My KK friends will be at it.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Howya Hoop.
      The whole one love vibe is what’s important here. The music of Bob Peter and Bunny as The Wailers revolutionised real people to understand how the power of music can really help the downtrodden in their daily grind for equal rights and justice. As Tosh put it there can’t be any peace until people get equal rights and justice. Tosh wasn’t advocating violence btw, just acknowledging the situation. Which is a sign of a true artist.
      So it was to pay respect to Peter Tosh and his vision for people of all colours and creeds to come together in OneLove. The event was and is to acknowledge that their is a problem with housing people in an open air prison. So the more we ALL come together the better we will be able to understand each other and work together. I believe in peaceful people doing extrodinary things. And concert with a clear mission can do extraordinary things. I just didn’t have enough time this time to get the word out. My fault.
      Peter Tosh is very misunderstood so it was important to get that message out.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        More time now, go for it Johnny. Just never plan a picnic in Ireland. Saw the great Damian Marley a few months ago. Good vibes with you my friend.

        1. Johnny Keenan

          BookWorm I’ve no problem with people having a go. There is a lot of things I cold have done better. If you want to get involved give me an email on
          Just let me know your fields of expertise and we’ll take it from there.

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