13 thoughts on “Well, This Is Awkward

      1. Alex Francis

        Your foot as ‘the brush’ and yesterdays Herald as ‘the shovel’.
        Throwing a saucepan of scraps out the front door as ‘the brush’ and Ringsend as ‘the shovel’.
        Over to you Tony.

          1. Tony

            wasn’t being sarky – the ringsend one made me laugh. Like walking on eggshells around here it is. Did you see yer wan Frilly calling me every class of doodly-doo and tinky-winky on the BOTT post there? Jayyyyyysus

  1. Alex Francis

    I tend to only read the comments that tiddle me diddies Tony. I’ve a built in ‘Frilly’ filter, get one Tony it’s called a sense of humour.

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