Giving It Socs


Did you stay up?

A warm thank you to, clockwise from top left, Anne Marie McNally, ‘Preposterous‘, Johnny Keenan and Olga Cronin, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

You can watch the show in its entirety (above).

Anne Marie, political director of the Social Democrats, fresh from her party’s think-in, gave an insight into the Soc Dems’ strategy for the housing crisis, their hopes for the ‘Locked Out’ generation and preparations for a General Election.

Johnny spoke about the postponement of this weekend’s One Love Concert for Direct Provision and why, despite some hurtful trolling, he remains bloody but unbowed.

Meanwhile, Olga attempted to explore the Garda breath test statistics without laughing out load.

Warning: Some salty language.

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly on Broadsheet

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21 thoughts on “Giving It Socs

  1. v.pip (sometimes off the telly)

    I was out sick, as John said, but watched it on YouTube earlier.

    I must admit to being impressed by Anne Marie McNally. She really sold the Social Democrats as a option for the Irish voter.

    I don’t think anyone in Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour or anybody the latest independent Groupings and Partnerships could do half as well between them of selling themselves to the electorate.

    While she has declared herself as a candidate and now needs to adopt a different pose, I hope that doesn’t stop her from chipping into Broadsheet every now and again.

    And would ye leave Johnny Keenan alone
    He’s a good person, a family man and all round good egg.
    And my friend.

      1. bisted

        …Hah…after all these years Clampers and myself are singing of the same page of the political hymn sheet…but on the Johnny bit did I really hear Johnny demand that Broadsheet insist that commenters use their real names and supply full disclosure details…the same Johnny that was giving off about RTE Liveline researchers asking for his name and addresss…

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Was that the issue? I missed it.

          I like Johnny, but no, I wouldnt approve of that request.

          I’ll look for the offending post. Was the trolling bad, as in personal, or just the usual wild west stuff I wonder…

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            The trolling was gauche transparent and poor but remarkably mean if taken to heart by someone who the subject is close to thier hearts.

          2. Frilly Keane

            More Bookworm acting the gowl tbh
            And look’it every forum has them

            There was no trolling imo
            Just a bitta harsh talk
            That tbf was unnecessary and the thread didn’t deserve it

            But sur that’s the t’internet and that’s never going to change

            If I were Johnny Keenan I’d stick around and fight back
            But that’s just me

            On insisting on real names etc

          3. Bookworm

            Thanks Frilly

            There was no trolling whatsoever

            What sort of gimp organises a big event and with two days to go calls it off? And then whines when people criticise it. I’ve worked in the music business for many years and the likes of shameless amateurs trying to use talent to further their own profile are the bane of our lives

          4. Johnny Keenan

            Tell me who you worked for in the industry. Better still tell me your name and address and I’ll come around and have a chat.

          5. Brother Barnabas

            Whole objective of ladyparts like that is to get your under your skin, Johnny.

            Don’t mind him.

          6. Frilly Keane

            Ah cop on would ya

            If you were all that you’d step in now and name the date, venue etc of Two Love ’18

        2. Johnny Keenan

          Blisnerd the reason I didn’t give rte dude Ainghus Mcinly my address was because I don’t pay my TV licence.
          Last week I rang liveline to see if they would publicise our gig as it was for 2 worth while causes. Aonghus said if they were to promote every gig they got a call on….
          I was actually ringing on the back of the hour plug they gave Paddy Power bookie.
          Some people want to let on they are helping. Sums up this country really.
          As I said I have no problem taking shite as long as I know from where it’s flung.

          Can’t wait for the Xmas party. If it’s in the real world maybe Bookworm could organise the music. Just tell me the first 5 songs that you’d play Wormy

          1. Johnny Keenan

            Blisnerd if you look at my whinging record it’s basically whinging about children being thrown into a sceptic tank in Tuam. Children being thrown into unsuitable accommodation and children thrown into open air prisons called direct provision centres.
            It’s all down to neo liberal policies set down by America and implemented by docile Irish muppets.
            I firmly believe if you stop giving out you start giving in. That’s why people like you exist.
            The least you could do is put a name to your pathetic apathetic life.

          2. Yep

            Oh calm down Johnny, you admitted you haven’t even BEEN to a Direct Provision Centre. You’re working off the same horrible stories as we are but your self-righteous self goes all Geldof when the general populace here wind you up a bit.

            Your frustration at unjust things happening in this country are shared but don’t start talking down to people because they didn’t attempt to organise a free gig in Kilkenny FFS. I was genuinely disappointed for you like many others but your handling this like a 6 yr old

  2. Frilly Keane

    Ah here this thread has turned inta an n’awful hames altogether

    C’mere Johnny
    That would ya cop on post was for the Worm

    Obviously there’s bin some cutting and it’s hanging off the end like a weather beaten telltale

  3. rotide

    Well, looks like there was some extreme moderation round these parts.

    Not a chance I’m going to sit through that, but Johnny reckons we should all use our real names?

    That’s as stupid as ‘postponing’ a concert he sold 11 tickets for.

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