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  1. TheRealJane

    Oddly, I got a survey from a UK based company asking about whether Ireland will leave the EU this morning.

    Why is this happening now? Do the brexmadsers think that Ireland leaving the EU is the only viable way to solve the border issue?

    1. realPolithicks

      The brits are scared (word that rhymes with witless) about brexit and are looking for some company in their misery.

  2. Yeah, Ok

    Anyone who really thinks Ireland is better off out of the EU should be ashamed of themselves. We are the most patently successful beneficiary of EU funding there ever was. Unless we want a return to the 70s?

    1. snowey

      I refuse to be ashamed. yeah of course everything since the 70s is from the EU and if we left we’d be thrown in a time machine…such rot.
      EU has it’s good points but it’s very undemocratic and ruled for the german/French elites.

      although a socialist republic isn’t for me either…..

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        sure just let’s give the running of the country back to the church
        oh forgot it still is ?

        1. snowey

          why jane?
          why would you think this would even remotely happen if we left the EU.
          It’s possible I guess, but not probable at all.

          why would a simple yes / no have to straight away go to a doomsday scenario?
          Why? I find such negativity bizarre…

          Love the EU all you want – but don’t talk such nonsense that it'[s the vanguard against church domination – ironically the Rome (Italy being in the EU is the ironic bit) rule Ian Paisley used to bang out about….

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Isn’t that pretty much what happened last time a bigger “brother” left us to our own devices,
            why should it be any different this time ?
            I still see a massive unhealthy influnce of the church as it is

      2. TheRealJane

        Right, many people talk about the EU being undemocratic. Why do you think it would be democratic? How would that work? And in what sense would that be an improvement? Would you prefer if there were no national governments?

        1. snowey

          no I think national governments are fine…on a continent level itr’s not workable with such a mix of cultures etc…
          also there is a huge bureaucratic machine in Brussels running the EU – not only unelected but pretty much unaccountable.

          1. TheRealJane

            To whom do you think they should be accountable? Do you think that every civil service post (I assume that’s what you mean by a bureaucracy) should be elected?

    2. AnAccountant

      At the moment, we’d be screwed but there are serious problems with the EU. Staying in it is merely the less terrible option. CETA and the yank equivalent I can’t remember the name of now are pretty disgraceful really.

    3. realPolithicks

      I don’t know about being ashamed, that seems a bit extreme. Having said that as someone who was a teenager in Dublin in the 70’s and seeing the transformation that has occurred in Ireland since then I find the notion of leaving the EU a very foolish one.

  3. Catherinecostelloe

    Maybe we could have built our own roads if we didn’t have politicians like Charlie Haughey quaff champagne on his private 4 million island. I’d say the misappropriation of EEC funds to Ireland is colossal….we only need to look at fraud in Garda College, the tip of the iceberg.

    1. TheRealJane

      Yes, and this is an area where our friend who objects to what he considers the undemocratic nature of the EU might have something interesting to say. If the EU were to control expenditure of grants for various items (roads, CAP, etc), this would mean a massive expansion of the powers of the EU into almost every corner of the constituent states’ business.

      In some cases that might have been beneficial, but would it have been tolerable? As it stands, possibly Ireland, had we not been the type of country that repeatedly elects the Haugheys of the world, could have sorted out our infrastructure without the EU. Who knows? All we can say with certainty is that there’s no reason to suspect we were on that path.

  4. Rob_G

    If we left the EU, we wouldn’t have to worry about things like the Apple tax controversy any more, as every single multinational company headquartered in Ireland would up sticks and move to Luxembourg.

    Still, I’m sure that our vibrant blanket bog peat extraction industry would be able to pick up the strain once it had been freed from from those pesky EU overlords.

  5. rotide

    Hold a referendum for irexit.
    Deport anyone who votes to leave to the UK on the grounds they are too stupid to share our air.
    Homeless Crisis solved.

  6. Jimmey Russell

    without the EU we would literally be sent back to the stone age, people done realize the irish arent like other European countries, we’re more or less helpless on our own, we’re not suited or, lets be honest, capable of interacting with other nations, if we tried to make free trade deals like the British are doing, they’d only laugh at us and take advantage. we have to remember that there is no irish economy, only the irish share of the EU economy, without the EU our govenment would be inept and helpless, we would suffer mass homelessness, low wages, our health service would be crippled & our education system strtched to the brink. The EU ensures all of these disasters can NEVER happen. The only reason we should entertain an irexit debate is so we can identify the leavers and make sure they are expelled from their jobs and society at large as the racist bigots they are.

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