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From left: Liam and Roy Fox with kids and brother-in-law Thomas Morgan


Croagh Patrick, County Mayo

Via The Irish Sun:

They posed for a quick group shot outside St Patrick’s Chapel at the summit, before making their descent.

But when they inspected the snaps later, they saw what appeared to be the face of Our Lord in the clouds.

And they say a Bible passage actually prophesied the apparition.

Incredibly, the picture was taken at exactly 15.49 — which in the book of Corinthians refers to “the image of the heavenly man”.

The Second Cumulus: Irish family stunned as JESUS photobombs holiday snap taken on Mayo mountain Croagh Patrick (Barry Moran, The Irish Sun)

39 thoughts on “That’s Me In The Corner

  1. Jetpack Mc Nutter

    We have now reached peak mental lunaticism. I’m pretty sure I see a duck in a bath tub on the right. Doolally!

      1. bisted

        …I was atheist up to a few minutes ago…thank you for sharing this irrefutable evidence…as snowey says I was obsessive in my pursuit of the truth…

      2. Boj

        Everyone is looking for answers, it’s just that everyone with their separate beliefs all believe that they have the right answer.

  2. Boj

    Jesus Christ Almighty has a jew-fro? I’m confused…he’s a catolick.
    If holy-joe is a really bold boy he goes to hell, yes? But what about non-believers who are really really good? What would Jesus do in this situation..any holy-joes online to explain religion? As with anything ever in the history of humans, if ‘man’ is involved then it is tainted, it boggles my mind how so many people follow? It must be fear based ‘logic’?

    1. Jetpack Mc Nutter

      I’m with ya but I think we’ve passed that point in the discussion with the ridicule. Fist pump all the same bro :-)

  3. postmanpat

    It’s a good old hike up that hill even if your not religious. I has a piss on the other side of that building when I climbed it a few years ago, then smoked a spliff while taking in the view before a wobbily trek down with the giggles. I saw a holy joe fall and break his arm on the way down too. Good times!

    1. postmanpat

      Most people that have beards, including cosmic entities that take male human form like Santa, Zeus and God,( who is also Jesus in the future/past and is own dad but that’s a story for another time) have moustaches too. Except the Amish and some Muslims who do the neck beard thing.

  4. Murtles

    Definitely looks more like Freddie Mercury from the 1985 Live Aid Gig in Wembley and Brian May makes an in profile appearance in the cloud on the right of the picture. Ironically they were meant to go on stage at 15.49 but it was rescheduled. Nick Kershaw took their spot. Actually that cloud could pass for Kershaw too.

  5. DavidT

    There was a great word in a Clare rag recently – bolloxology. Not often seen in print, so here it is again.

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