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The Abyss – that’s what NASA is calling this unusually dark cloud feature observed by the Juno probe during its latest pass over Jupiter. To wit:

Surrounding cloud patterns show the Abyss to be at the center of a vortex. Since dark features on Jupiter’s atmosphere tend to run deeper than light features, the Abyss may really be the deep hole that it appears — but without more evidence that remains conjecture. The Abyss is surrounded by a complex of meandering clouds and other swirling storm systems, some of which are topped by light coloured, high-altitude clouds. The featured image was captured last month while Juno passed only about 15,000 kilometres above Jupiter’s cloud tops. The next close pass of Juno near Jupiter will be in July.

(Image: NASAJunoSwRIMSSSProcessing & LicenseGerald Eichstädt & Sean Doran)


From left: Liam and Roy Fox with kids and brother-in-law Thomas Morgan


Croagh Patrick, County Mayo

Via The Irish Sun:

They posed for a quick group shot outside St Patrick’s Chapel at the summit, before making their descent.

But when they inspected the snaps later, they saw what appeared to be the face of Our Lord in the clouds.

And they say a Bible passage actually prophesied the apparition.

Incredibly, the picture was taken at exactly 15.49 — which in the book of Corinthians refers to “the image of the heavenly man”.

The Second Cumulus: Irish family stunned as JESUS photobombs holiday snap taken on Mayo mountain Croagh Patrick (Barry Moran, The Irish Sun)