Electric Picnic

8 thoughts on “Picnic Loyalty

    1. Joe

      Did folk not read the email where it mentions you had to be signed up to ticketmaster offers to get the codes. Seriously folk read your emails.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    I’d guess these people didn’t read that you need to be subscribed to Ticketmaster offers to get your codes.

    I didn’t know either until a friend told me, who was a subscriber.

    I applied on Friday last and got the code yesterday, and wasted no time.

    That said, my friend also said that when the notification came in, the link on the email to get code had some how caused them to be ‘unsubscribed’ from TM offers… now that is dodgy!
    They wasted no time and resubscribed.

    Haven’t missed an EP yet!

    Top 5 acts of 2017 for me:

    No.1 was defo a small intimate show with Susan ONeill (@SoundsofSON) who is going solo having sang with King Kong Company (my No.3) and Propeller Palms.

    Lowly (@lowlyband) were my no.2, another great discovery (for me) over the weekend.

    No.4 was that young Londoner(?) @DeclanMcKenna

    No.5 was Public Service Broadcasting (@PSB_HQ) in the pishin’ rain!

    1. martco

      class young 3 piece punk outfit called “Touts” think they’re from Derry did u see them Clampers and were they good?

  2. Walter Ego

    Electric Picnic Sold Out Years Ago.
    Punters are now just corporate ATM machines now to be fleeced.
    Festival Republic don’t even bother booking many top acts any more, now that the masses blindly fork out their cash for tickets without even knowing any of the bands that will be playing. Why would they bother.

    1. rotide


      The lineup last year was transparently a cash grab. Tickets sold out in october so no need to even try to book decent acts.

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