2 thoughts on “Classic Trikes In Your Area

  1. Mr. Camomile Tea

    Beautiful trike and it’s worth bearing in mind that this is quite likely owned & operated by someone with mobility issues. This type of cyclist is often forgotten when it comes to things like “Cyclist Dismount” signs (they physically aren’t able), cycle parking (average Sheffield Stands aren’t wide enough to accommodate trikes or cargo bikes), and barriers such as the ‘kissing gates’ along the Royal Canal (which are a total impediment to anything larger than a regular bicycle, to which they are also a major inconvenience).

    Users of trikes like this are oft forgotten about in the numerous debates around cycling, where fit and healthy adults are considered to represent the norm. In reality, we should be designing our cycling infrastructure to accommodate those who need it the most: children, older people, and people with disabilities or mobility issues.

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